Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Virtual Prayer 12/31/2009 to 1/1/2010 United with ONE Thought....

As we prepare to ring in the New Year 2010, we invite you, no matter where YOU are in the World to join us in a prayer for Cuba, if you are on the Dance floor, do it, if you are on the computer, join the Virtual Prayer,  does not matter where you are at, just takes a minute for our thoughts our prayers.

Our Prayer is simple. 

Based on God's gift to humanity:  Life, Love, Liberty, Freedom, Joy and Prosperity.

We pray for true freedom in Cuba and for this freedom to remain. 

To be FREE of the Castro regime going on 51 years of an illegal government that is not for the people.

We pray for all political prisoners, for las damas en blanco, for all independent journalist, for all the Cuban bloggers. 

We pray for all the people that still fear the Castro regime, letting them know that with God before them, they have nothing to fear.  

We are calling 2010 the Year of Liberty for Cuba!

I wish you and yours a very HAPPY NEW YEAR, 2010!!!!

Thank you GOD!

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Miguel Pascual said...

Dear Facebook friends, on December 31 and January 1 we will be carrying on a two day journey of "VIRTUAL PRAYER FOR THE FREEDOM OF CUBA". It will consist on getting the biggest possible amount of Facebook "profile statuses" to show a prayer of Jose Angel Febles Chaviano which reads: LORD, GIVE US THE FREEDOM FOR CUBA AND GIVE US THE NECESSARY INTEGRITY TO KEEP IT FOREVER. HELP US LORD! I request your help to spread this idea. The intention will be to inundate the network with this message, which should not be removed during those two days, nor should the integrity of its text be altered. At the same time, those of you who have blogs should post it in your blogs. Greetings to all and thanks for your attention, and may 2010 be called "Year of the Liberation of Cuba." Miguel Pascual