Tuesday, December 22, 2009

51 Years Later... The Journey continues....

This day is marked in my family history! 

My mother, Modesta, always with reflection and gratitude to prepare for Navidad and Praise God for the gift of life.

A day where I remember my parents and two older sisters for the courage our Mother had in making our Father get on an airplane, destination West Palm Beach, Florida,  final destination New York City, to spend Christmas with family.

The reason in her heart for my Father to have rest, since he was in an intense battle in la sierra maestra against the rebel forces of Fidel Castro and Che, who were about to take over the country.

She managed to do all this against my Father's will, he wanted to stay and continue the fight and not allow Castro forces to take over the country.  However, he had to listen to General Silito Tabernilla and at the time President Batista to go on vacation relax, rest and enjoy Navidad and Ano Nuevo.

For my parents and siblings this day marks the journey of 51 years, where they had to start a new life, in a new country, with a new language, without the comforts they worked for and who they were.  The thought of not going home in 1959, was not a thought in their minds or heart, especially my sister's.

On January 1, 1959 there life changed, all our life's changed!

I guess this was the path in that moment and the Christmas gift of life was on target, for if our Father would have been in Cuba, perhaps, I as the youngest would have never known him.

I had the Joy of having him alive in the land of the free and the gift of both my parents sharing their experiences.

I do feel the Journey, the journey of so many Cubans is to realize a Free Cuba, where we can all get on an airplane and return to re-build, what has been destroyed for 51 years.

The Journey must start NOW! 

We continue the call for all Exiles to Unite with a common objective, to FREE CUBA, from the tortures of Castros Communist Regime.

Or do we just continue with another 51 years of this cruel intimating style of governing.

The communist do not like when people unite for one objective, one goal, one Victory!

Feliz Navidad y Prospero Ano Nuevo!!!

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