Thursday, December 31, 2009

50 Years later - Happy New Year!!!! Here We Are.....2010!

50 years later……..

A day of reflection for my family, a day of our history, a day that marked the start of our journey to continue to seek freedom, human rights and civil liberties for our homeland, Cuba.

A day which marked our parents and who we are, all they would do to help our family and anyone who wanted to leave Cuba.

A day the few who were in the USA, had to unite and support one another to get on their feet, in a new country. To help those who were clouded by el Fidelista.

A day where they and others would reach out their hands to their Cuban sisters and brothers, regardless if they made the mistake of following Castro and now saw the light and the truth of what Fidel Castro’s agenda would be for Cuba and for the Children of Cuba.

Today is marked for them as the day they would never return to their homeland, Cuba.

A day to rebuild... in their new world, learn a new language, to embrace a new culture, and to continue the fight against the enemies of liberty and democracy.

Oh, yes and a day where my parents would have to move heaven and earth to get me the baby out of Cuba. This is how my family and friends started January 1, 1959.

Here I am, the baby at the age of 52, starting January 1, 2010, in Unity with fellow Cubans and many others that ONLY want to end the Cuban tragedy of 51 years of a lost City. A pointless revolution! That has given nothing to the people of Cuba.

Many have contacted me and asked me, if I am the daughter of Lt. Cornel Merob Sosa Garcia.

Yes, I am! I am the youngest of the 3, and yes I will continue what so many started on January 1, 1959, to fight for the freedom of Cuba.

Yes, my father belonged to La Rosa Blanca the first Cuban organization in the USA. Yes, he was a friend and a brother to Rafael Diaz-Balart and the organization started on January 28, 1959, in honor of Jose Marti.

Yes, he was the military arm of the organization. Yes, he was also aligned with Alpha 66; Yes he knew Jorge Mas Canosa and others. Yes, he told his fellow brothers not to go to Bay of Pigs because JFK would have to bailout and they would be captured.

Yes, at the time he served under Batista, the militaries mission is to defend their country. This is what my Father and many other Father’s were doing defending, Cuba so it would not fall in the hands of an egotistical madmen and his squad of killers.

Yes, he has never agreed with communist principles and felt sorry for those that were blinded by it.

Yes, he loved the founding principles of the USA over any other government.
Knowing the USA also has made mistakes, yet, honored how the founding father’s of the USA and the Declaration of Independence and Constitution were crafted by ordinary immigrants who searched for Freedom. This is why; the USA is the Land of the FREE and the home of the BRAVE!

In speaking to my sisters, I asked them what is it that you felt on January 1, 1959 and how do you feel, today, January 1, 2010? The respond will come directly from my sister, Carmen. They lived the agony of our Cuban history, along with all those in their generation.

I will realize the Cuban Historical Film Project with those who thirst to finally share it with the World. We will tell our side of the story, we must learn from history the lesson placed before us.

We must raise our Consciousness and be better humans for the sake of humanity.

Tonight is New Year’s Eve. It’s the night we all toast to the future and become resolute in changing the way we do things.

Perhaps, it is time to change the way we have handled the Cuba issue and finally make a difference and bring about the true change so very needed for all who are held hostage in their own homeland.

Some are so blinded by fear they cannot see the forest for the trees, we must reach out to those who have the courage to speak the truth of the real Cuba. The one Castro hides from the World. We do not need to be talking to those who want to continue with the same double standards and status quo of the Castro brothers.

Insanity: doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results. ~ Albert Einstein

The People of Cuba and the Exile community long for REAL HARD CORE CHANGE!

Regardless of what the Castro regime tries to show through their communist propaganda.

51 years have shown what is and what is not, its time for a change and start a new REVOLUTION for the PEOPLE AND BY THE PEOPLE!!!

I wish ALL my old and new Friends a Very Happy, Free and Joyous 2010!!!!


Gina I. Sosa

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Carmen Sosa Suarez said...

This is the beginning of a 2 week vacation that started on December 22, 1958 and it has not ended.

Our Father Lt. Cornel Merob Sosa Garcia and our Mother Modesta Suarez Valdes with 2 of there 3 daughters came to New York for the Christmas and New Year holiday. We had family living in NY, since 1945. Our father did not want to go to NY; however, our mother insisted for him to go after 2 years fighting against Castro in La Sierra Maestra. Our older sister and I wanted to see and play in the snow so he agreed for only 2 weeks.

New Year was at our uncle’s house, in New York, a little bit after 12:00 A.M. on January 1, 1959 a neighbor comes to our uncle’s house all happy with a flag of 26 of July and told every one that Batista left Cuba we were in shock or at least I was.

Our father that same night wanted to go back to Cuba, he said, he could organize the constitutional army of Cuba and together keep on fighting Castro to the end.

Cuba was going to change drastically into a totalitarian-communist country.

Our mother and our older sister begged him not to go, I also told him not to go. We told him we will start our life in a new country.

I have too much to tell you but it will be another time.

Your sister,
Carmen Sosa Suarez proud daughter of Lt. Cornel Merob Sosa Garcia