Tuesday, January 26, 2010

It is not personal, it is what it is.

Living in Liberty, Democracy, Prosperity and United!

The Freedom of Expression, the right to demonstrate in a peaceful manner

It is not personal, it is what it is.

On Sunday, January 31, the controversial Cuban group Los Van Van will perform in concert in Miami.

Miami is considered the Capital City of the Exile community, whom many with a conscious do not agree with this concert.

Why, because the leader of the music group  Los Van Van ( Juan Formel) is one of the many puppets of the Castro brothers who have murdered their own Cuban people.

The promoters of this concert are the promoters of the Castro regime, who have shown their true colors, have no compassion or respect for the pain of the Cuban exiles.

Many exiles lost their loved ones to the killing machine that is and has been the Castro brothers.

In the Cuban community throughout the World,  many man and woman were political prisoners and know the truth of this madmen and his puppets.  Many fought against Castro in la sierra maestra.  Many were children of operation, Peter Pan.  Many came in the Mariel boat lift, many risked their life in the Florida straights to make it to the land of the free.

This hypocritical cultural exchange is one of the many false exchanges of the Castro regime. Along with certain exiles and Washington politicians whom do not want Cuba to be free from the Castro regime or whom are just blind sided by a myth.

If you want cultural exchange, if the group Los Van Van can come to Miami than those musicians persecuted by Castro and his puppets, should have the same equal rights.

Yet they do not have equal rights because their music expresses the truth of the Castro regime. These artists should also be allowed to travel outside of Cuba, along with the famous blogger Yoani Sanchez, whom was denied travel to receive one of many awards.

Moreover, artist such as Gloria Estefan, Willie Chirino and many others should be able to do a concert in Cuba, with NO Conditions from the Castro regime. In fact all Miami exiles can attend the concert in Cuba this is true cultural exchange.

Inconvenient truth for Castro and his puppets!

We refuse to be manipulated by the Castro brothers or their puppets; we will show you what living in Liberty is all about.

Oh, you have Hugo Cancio, another promoter of the concert, all upset at the truth of a billboard that his leader Fidel and Raul Castro are assassins.

In fact, we consider the Castro brothers terrorist and enemies of the State of Florida and the USA.

NO! I do not support any hypocritical cultural exchange!

I have nothing against the group Los Van Van, this is not personal, this deals with human and civil rights toward the people of Cuba and respect to the exile community.

I do not support anyone that promotes anything for the Castro regime, which by the way is an illegal government, for the Cuban people have not held “Free Elections” since Castro took over.

In fact, the Castro regime is illegal and not supported by the Constitution of Cuba.

Mark my word, we will, take back Cuba!

Enjoy your concert,

Sunday, January 17, 2010

Pro-Cuba Association of West Palm Beach

In a meeting with good friends in Palm Beach County who like many of us, long for all Cubans, to Unite in One objective, to have Liberty & Democracy once and for all in Cuba.

We realize that many people who are in Cuba, show their courage on a daily bases by bravely expressing and demanding their human and civil rights to the Castro government. 

We want them to know they are NOT alone for so many of us are with you on this final journey toward a Cuba with Liberty, Democracy, Prosperity and United.

This association will be honoring, Jose Marti on January 28, 2010 with flowers at the West Palm Beach, Jose Marti memorial.  On Sunday, January 31, 2010 they continue the celebration at the Cuban-American Club in WPB.   I will share a poem by Armando Acosta one of the members of Pro-Cuba Association.

Con el dolor que progresa
en el fondo del ayer,
sabremos siempre volver
a nuestra querida Tierra.

Pro-Cuba no morira
mientras nos quede el aliento,
para gritar frente al viento:
Dios, Patria y la Libertad.

Tras de tanto sacrificio
mas alla del cielo mismo,
Cuba al fin, sin comunismo,
no caera en otro suplicio.

Vuelvo mis ojos al cielo
dando gracias al Senor,
porque al canalla y traidor
lo aparte de nuestro suelo.

PRO-CUBA no olvidara
cuando nos llegue el regreso,
de ofrendar la flor de un beso
por los quedados aca.

They will be honored to wear the T-shirt....Exilio Unido Ya!

For it is up to all of us in Exile and those inside Cuba to be the change we want to see once and for all...those that everyday try to make a difference and let the World know the truth of the Castro regime.  I will name a few:  Yoani Sanchez, Dr. Elis de Biscet, Las Damas en Blanco, Martha Beatrice Roque, Antunez and many many more.....

Together, Yes We Can!