Thursday, December 10, 2009

International Human Rights Day!

As John Lennon says in his song, “So this is Christmas and what have you done”?

I am one of the many humans wanting to Unite in the Spirit of Peace, Love, Joy and Goodness for all.

We can no longer afford to live in the World and ignore inhuman acts to fellow humans.

We are all created equal!   We are all children of one God with many names.

As many before us send out a message, we must decide, what type of World or Heaven we want to create for future generations.

Do we follow the message of Hope, Peace, Love and Unity or do we continue on the path of destruction and confusion?

Do we allow those that their mind, heart, and souls are filled with hate and envy to continue to violate human rights? I turn them over to GOD, to do what it is to be done. Knowing they were created by our maker. Therefore, I turn them over to the Creator of the Universe.

I will focus, now, on my Cuba, Our Cuba, 50 years of violating human rights gone to deaf ears, blinded by the myths of the Castro brothers. Silent by prison cells, by many who risk their lives and never make it to shore, silent by the fear of not endangering their family or friends.

Here and now we send you a message, your days are numbered, your inhuman ways are done, and your old ways of deceit and false accusations are and WILL be revealed by the Light of Truth.

You have poisoned the minds and hearts of 3rd and 4th generation, born under a system that has failed those who supported it. You have been and are the worst leader, excuse me; you do not deserve the title of leader. You are just one of the many egotistical, selfish and envious Dictators of the Cold War!

The path of truth is here and now! Your time is DONE! Your spirit will be put to rest.

For the island you hold hostage, the island where you go and beat up on WOMAN!
Shows who you are and what you have always been, weak cowards who do not have the courage to listen and face the truth.  You have been toxic waste to Cuba! 

Cubans United will rehabilitate the toxic mind-set you created with your pathetic rage.

May God forgive you!

Cubans together will make Cuba a better place and also the World!

Wishing the World Happy Holidays or as we say... Feliz Navidad! - Merry Christmas!

Peace on Earth and Goodwill towards the human race..... Cheers,

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