Tuesday, December 1, 2009

United for Human Rights... Stand Up, Stand Up!!!

Human Rights blog burst from 12/5/2009 to 12/12/2009!

It is a call to ACTION for all those that pray, wish and hope for human rights to be respected in Cuba. STAND UP with these Locations: PARÍS, MADRID, ROMA, BARCELONA, MARBELLA, MIAMI, WEST PALM BEACH, HIALEAH, TAMPA, NEW YORK, NEW JERSEY.....

Human Rights Day 12/10/2009!
We are united in support for Dr. Darsi Ferrer, human rights activist.
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Engaging Cuba in human rights, has not worked for the past 50 years! The naïve not to say any other word, Obama administration, thinks because it is Raul Castro, who is just waving a banner of “Change”. Because it is Raul and not Fidel things will change? Guess what…..NOT!!! Both brothers are a mold of the same pattern in violating human rights. In fact, Raul upon taking the position of President brought in his heavy hitters, the men that were with him in la sierra maestra. These guys have no mercy or compassion! For them it is all about the revolution a revolution full of hatred, false accusations, lies, grand theft, killings, and division and it has proven to be a failure. A revolution that survives on blaming others and creating violent acts so the people will fear them.

The Castro brothers need to be held accountable!

The country and its people under the leadership of Fidel and Raul Castro continues to be oppressed, live in filth, poverty, no freedom of expression, no room for new and better ideas, no room for any type of improvement through change, no freedom of religion or to worship, no freedom for those inside Cuba to travel and those outside Cuba but born in Cuba to travel to and from the island. Just like it was done B.C.E. (before Castro error) the only ones in Cuba allowed to prosper are the Castro brothers and whom they allow in their inner circle. If you are in their circle and you suggest a certain type of change that is not fitting to the Castro’s, you will either be killed, jailed, your family and friends threaten or just disappear. These are tactics utilized by dictators to maintain themselves in control and in power.   Create panic and fear!

Many independent journalists, bloggers and many others in Cuba, who try to express the violation of human rights have been jailed, beaten and God knows what else! Just to name a few: Dr. Darsi Ferrer, Dr. Oscar Elias de Biscet, Maria Beatriz Roque, The Ladies in white and Yoani Sanchez and many others. They have had the courage to stand up and demand their civil and God given rights! They need the support and help of the people inside Cuba to STAND UP! STAND UP! just like Honduras has done and many other countries (with NO violence) where the people demanded their human and moreover their civil rights.

People in Cuba and Latin America must no longer allow dictators to run over their rights.

If you want to live in true freedom, if you want to be an agent of true change, if you want a better life for future generations than perhaps the time is here for you to change your destiny.

Peace, Love, Joy and Freedom,

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