Sunday, October 16, 2011

In Memory of Gloria Laura Pollan-Leader of the Ladies in White/Las Damas de Blanco

On Friday October 14, 2011, I had just arrived to a small get together my cousin Jessica was having at her home.   I received the news via cell phone that Laura Pollan, leader of the ladies in white had passed away of a heart attack in Cuba.   I listened in silence, and thought of the poem by Jose Marti, “La Rosa Blanca”.  
I was not happy with the news, yet it is what I expected to happen to her because it is the pattern of anyone that Stands Up against Castro the Goliath, they end up murdered by the hand of the Castro regime.
Laura was hospitalized for some form of respiratory virus, plus all the beatings she has taken from the Castro bullies who go around beating Women.  All these women do is walk every Sunday to church with a flower in honor of their husbands, brothers, friends, who are in the Castro jails just for expressing their right as a Citizen of Cuba and their desire to be Free.  For this they are beaten and thrown in jail!
In my opinion it is time to take a real aggressive stand and NOT continue to stand idle and our mouths to be full of political rhetoric. 
It is time for all Cubans to Unite, for this is what the regime and many others have not wanted us to do.  As long as it is to fight for the Freedom of our Homeland, Cuba.  Let's learn from the mistakes of the past, live in the present, to make the future full of Light, Love and Freedom for the people in Cuba. 
For this 4th Generation of Cuban Citizens have NO clue of what it is to live in the Cuba of our Parents and Grandparents and those before them...They only know Castor's Cuba.  Plus we must realize that the Cuba BC is long gone and we must work for a New & Better Cuban Democracy.  THE AC, CUBA!
 I like to share this quote from Mario Jimenez, Children of the 2506 Brigade
“America owes us nothing and yet she has given us everything...I have one more favor to ask Help us free our homeland. My father fought in The Bay the Pigs and I am ready to fight anywhere anytime to free Cuba. Help us or let us do what we must do. Many Cubans have died for this great country from Vietnam to Iraq and Afghanistan. Now we need help to do our most important mission.  To free our brothers, sisters and mothers. We owe it to the brave men who fought and died in the struggle to free Cuba!
I will quote my Father, Lt. Cornel Merob Sosa-Garcia, and named military leader in NY of La Rosa Blanca the first Cuban organization in the USA, founded on January 28, 1959 by Rafael Diaz-Balart.
“The armed forces of Cuba under the Constitution of the Republic of Cuba must protect the homeland from tyranny, monarch and civil unrest.  The military is not there to go to war; the military and police are there to protect citizens under the Law of the homeland.  To have peace and freedom a nation must pay the high price of fighting for its freedom to establish democracy for its Citizens.  However, if the people choose the other side than the military and police must be disciplined enough to stand down and seize fire and turn the Country over to whom the people have chosen.  Nevertheless, in Exile we must continue to fight for our homeland for the present and future generations to live in freedom as Maceo and Marti did. The mistake is the masses are sometimes brain washed by the Rhetoric of men and at times stand by them without even knowing
what they are doing, this appeared to be the case my daughter with our homeland, Cuba.  Instead of holding free elections to elect a new President, the people were blindsided with the Castro Rhetoric and Movement. 
 I leave this all to time and in God’s hands for the truth and justice will be served.”
In my opinion, I think it is time for CUBANS TO MARCH UPON WASHINGTON, DC and Stand Up for Human Rights and Freedom from Tyranny in Cuba.  Enough is Enough March!!!  Basta Ya!!!
God Bless Gloria Laura Pollan, your death as well as others will not be in vain, justice and liberty will prevail. 

We continue to walk towards a Free Cuba in your memory.  Godspeed to a Free Cuba!!