Friday, March 26, 2010

The Silent Walk of the Ladies in White/Las Damas de Blanco...

They walk in silent Grace with a flower in their hand and a Heart full of LOVE.

The Woman who will change and transform Cuba!

They walk for their husbands, brothers, sons, sisters and daughters, who are political prisoners and or prisoners of conscious.

They walk for Liberty, Love, Joy, Peace and Unity. 

I am so PROUD of them!  Proud of all Cuban bloggers and political prisoners for the Courage to stand up for their God given right to live in freedom.  To demand human rights for all the people of Cuba.

The exile community March with them in Solidarity and we show the World the truth, these peaceful Woman face every time they March, in the streets of their homeland, Cuba.

I feel the breath of God upon Cuba, I feel change, I feel a historical Transformation in the Country I was born, yet have never seen.

I know the day is here and now! 

Therefore, I say, Thank You God!

For these woman hold the key, and the lock, on the chain, will be OPENED; and Cuba will be Free and Better than ever!

Exilio Unido Ya!    that is everyone one Together for Freedom in Cuba and the World!

Thursday, March 25, 2010

About Time President Obama!

President Obama's statement on Cuban human rights  from the Los Angeles Times on March 24, 2010.

"Recent events in Cuba, including the tragic death of Orlando Zapata Tamayo, the repression visited upon Las Damas de Blanco, and the intensified harassment of those who dare to give voice to the desires of their fellow Cubans, are deeply disturbing.

These events underscore that instead of embracing an opportunity to enter a new era, Cuban authorities continue to respond to the aspirations of the Cuban people with a clenched fist.

Today, I join my voice with brave individuals across Cuba and a growing chorus around the world in calling for an end to the repression, for the immediate, unconditional release of all political prisoners in Cuba and for respect for the basic rights of the Cuban people.

During the course of the past year, I have taken steps to reach out to the Cuban people and to signal my desire to seek a new era in relations between the governments of the United States and Cuba. I remain committed to supporting the simple desire of the Cuban people to freely determine their future and to enjoy the rights and freedoms that define the Americas, and that should be universal to all human beings".

Mr. President, I hope your are able to discern the truth of the Castro (50year) ruling class and the constant repression, fear tactics and beatings done to the people of Cuba.  Simple because they want CHANGE and to Transform their country from a cold war mentality of hatred to a renewed consciouness of loving one another, respect, freedom and embracing their brothers and sisters in Exile.  .

With all you have going on in the USA, Thank you for taking the time on the Cuba issue of human rights, NOW!

United We Stand!

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

The Ladies in White/Las Damas de Blanco

Latin icon pop star, known to many as the Conga Queen, in a press conference at Bongos Cuban Cafe she announced that her and Emilio are in support and solidarity with the ladies in white/las damas de blanco.

These ladies whose only crime in the streets of Cuba is to go to church leave church and walk with a flower in their hands in Silence.  They walk for their husbands and sons who are in jail for the simple reason of thinking, feeling and expressing the need and want for change inside the island of Cuba.  For this the Castro brothers have them beaten in the streets.

Gloria Estefan said it like it is, this is not politics, this is about human rights, it is about LIFE!

Please join us if you are in Miami on Thursday, March 25 at 5PM and at 6PM SHARP, we will March on Calle 8 and 27th Avenue.  We will meet at 5PM between 7 & 8 Street by Beacon blvd.  If you are not in Miami we ask you to wear WHITE on thursday and perhaps say a Silent Prayer for the people of Cuba.

United we Stand on Human Rights, United we Stand with the Ladies in White/Las Damas de Blanco and United we Stand with all Political Prisoners. United for the people of Cuba to have FREEDOM!

Marching for the LOVE of Liberty and change in Cuba! 

Camino del AMOR para la Libertad y Cambio en Cuba!

Monday, March 22, 2010

The Eternal Flame

Sergio Manuel Rodriguez-Lorenzo on Saturday 3/20/2010 started his Fasting at the Bay of Pigs Cuban Memorial on 8th Street and 13th Avenue.

His brother Rolando Rodriguez is with him making sure he does not go on complete hunger strike.

Today, I received a phone call from Rose Mary Suarez on what was transpiring and her own feelings on what is happening in Cuba.

I went to spend sometime with Sergio and his brother, I asked him, Please do not leave us, think of the most important thing you have, your LIFE!   

He asked me to write something simple on my blog so that Yoani Sanchez, The Ladies in White and his friend Guillermo Farinas, know that although he finds himself in the land of the free and the home of the brave.  His heart is with them, his heart is with Zapata for they were political and or prisoners of consciousness together.  His heart is with all those who lost their life in the Bay of Pigs, were caught and jailed by Castro. 

Yes, he wants the support and action from President Obama and his administration on the matter of Cuba and all political prisoners. 

He feels that many countries are opening their eyes to what the TRUTH of what has been going on in Cuba for over 50 years. 

His respect and admiration for Yoani Sanchez, Claudia Cordero and the Ladies in White. 

For all his Cuban brothers and sisters who every single day fight to bring awareness to the cruel practices of the Castro brothers and their secret police. 

To bring awareness on the many Castro agents currently in Miami, New Jersey, New York and Washington sent by Castro and Chavez.

I asked him what message do you want to give to President Obama and the World.

"Cuba most open to the World and the World must Open to Cuba"! 

"We deserve a country free of the Castros once and for all, we want Democracy y Libertad".

We must stop talking about human rights, we must have ACTION on Human Rights NOW!

We are part of the World and the World is part of the Cuban people, the people that Castro hides from the USA and the International community. 

The Eternal Flame is in his Heart and Soul, as it is for so many Cubans on the Island and in Exile.  One of these Cubans came all the way from Alaska, Yes a Cuban in Alaska, Rafael C. Herrera, the next one planning to fast to show support for those on hunger strike in Cuba.

Here is my humble observation of all this, Our Journey as Cuban brothers and sisters has been long. 

Fate, destiny and life has brought us together for a bigger purpose than any of us would've imagined. 
Our purpose is driven by Love, yes LOVE of country, family, freedom, democracy, prosperity and united we will stand up and free our country once and for all!  There is no stopping us!

For our human spirit when United as ONE will create the impossible!

Divine Justice will be done! 

Love, Light and Peace be with us and humanity.

Thursday, March 18, 2010

Put your freedom to work

Val Prieto says it perfectly!    So I am proud to repost:
I’m not going to sugarcoat or editorialize or plead or try to tug at your heartstrings today. Enough has been said and written about the the Black Spring Crackdown of 2003 and there is plenty of evidence out there to serve as absolute proof of what I am about to shove down your throat:


And you know what? You are an accomplice to the above. Yeah, that’s right. I said you are complicit in the violations of human rights and the torture of human beings.      Because you are

You may not be swinging the club yourself and the epithets may not be coming from your mouth, but you are definitely a party to it. You are allowing it to happen. Turning a blind eye. Ignoring it. You are the three “no evil monkeys” all wrapped up into one.

And you shouldn’t just be ashamed, you should be disgusted. Nauseated. Unable to sleep.
What does it feel like to torture another human being? What does it feel like to stand idly by while a man’s dignity and humanity are ripped away from him, piece by piece, blow by blow?

Right now you’re thinking to yourself that I am ridiculous. Convincing yourself that I am being extreme. Exaggerating. “This guy is nuts,” your saying to yourself. “It’s ludicrous to suggest that I - I! - am somehow responsible for this inhumanity.”

But just let me ask you one thing while you’re busy convincing yourself you aren’t part of the problem:

Yeah. I thought so. Not a damned thing.

Of course, right about now you’re trying to assuage your conscience because you have so many other things to worry about in your own backyard and really, this is something happening in a whole other country and besides, what do you have that you could possibly use to help?

Let me put it to you this way: If you do nothing, if you stand idly by and allow the blatant abrogation of the human rights of your fellow human beings and the abject subjugation of their dignity, what the hell makes you think you deserve your own? Can you honestly say that you deserve that which you allow be denied to others?

You have the one thing – THE ONE THING – those men and women need. The one thing they have given their lives for.

You have FREEDOM.

Cuba's political prisoners need your SOLIDARITY NOW.
Henry Gomez says it perfectly, too.

Sunday, March 14, 2010

The Many Faces of Cuba

Guillermo Farinas as reported by Yoani Sanchez on her twitter feed, he is home from the hospital.
Thank you God!

For many of you it sounds crazy, absurd and why do they do this to themselves?

Simple, for them their bodies are their weapons!

Since in Cuba, under Fidel and Raul Castro and those that are part of their entourage are the only ones with the right to have weapons.

The only delinquency and or crime these man and woman commit is to Think and Feel different, to express their opinion to “El Tirano” Castro.

These man and woman have E_volved in Consciousness, something neither of the Castro’s have done or will ever do.

For the tyrants holding on to their POWER is the only thing they care about.

Blaming everyone, except themselves for what Cuba has become.

Having their agents and or spies in Miami and many other places to continue to promote hatred, division among the Cuban people for this is their Economic Stimulus Package.

My solidarity is with the underdogs that face the brutal dictatorial government of a cruel madmen who only wants to destroy the will, dignity, and the hope of these Cuban patriots and the Cuban people.

These man and woman, who are called the criminals and or delinquents, are fighting for Change, Freedom and the Freedom of future generations to live and let live the way God created all human beings to live.

The Castro’s know, although slowly, yet with Certainty, the day is approaching and they will be gone.

The revolution will be gone and the E-volution of a new day will commence and it will be all driven by Consciousness, Light and Love of God through all these man and woman.

On the day where Cuban brothers and sisters will have reconciliation through the one and only POWER
God the Good!

But the meek will inherit the land and enjoy great peace. ~ Psalm 37:11

Thursday, March 4, 2010


You’re a Bridge which touched many Cuban exile hearts.

Zapata was on hunger strike for 85 days, it started during human rights week 12/1/2010.

Many are indifferent, to the plight of Cuban political prisoners and the exile community.

Zapata is one of the many who stood his ground against the inhuman actions of the Castro brothers and others.

The Exile community and different exile groups in Miami, New York, Spain and Italy honored you and your family on Saturday 2/27/2010 and Sunday 2/28/2010.

On Saturday the day started beyond politics at the Cuban National Shrine in Coconut Grove, Florida. La Ermita de la Caridad, in honor of our patron Saint.

The Circle of prayer with the pictures of all those murdered by the terrorist Fidel and Raul Castro, sorry no other name for them. I refuse to be politically correct with those that have no respect for human rights. I call it what it is. I am not here for right or wrong, I am here to bring awareness of the crimes committed for over 50 years by Castro.

From La Ermita we headed to Presido Politico by the Cuban Memorial Walk on Calle Ocho,( 8th Street).
My First time visiting the Presido, I was in shock to see how many pictures of all those who died for freedom and human rights in our homeland, Cuba.

A wooden coffin with Orlando Zapata's picture!

A young violinist, and packed memorial service with Cubans of all ages.

Cubans United together holding the vision of a Free Cuba and comforting Zapata’s mother who was on the phone listening to the service.

The emotion of love, hurt, passion and peace could be felt from the youth to the elders.

In fact from Cubans from 1959 to present moment, the feeling was Oneness with one another and with the people of Cuba.

When the service was over, a down pour of rain, we had to wait, once the down pour settled, we stopped at the Freedom of Art gallery.

Where a wonderful connection was made, all in the name of CUBA!

On Sunday, The members of El Presido Politico marched to the Eternal Flame, the Cuban Memorial on Calle Ocho.

We all joined together at the Versailles Restaurant, to participate with the youth organization O-JEC.

We formed a human chain to show the World that the Cuban Exile community or at least a good number of us in Miami; are United on our journey towards a Free Cuba with democracy and without the Castro brothers.

Will you join the Conga line to a free CUBA!!!