Thursday, December 31, 2009

50 Years later - Happy New Year!!!! Here We Are.....2010!

50 years later……..

A day of reflection for my family, a day of our history, a day that marked the start of our journey to continue to seek freedom, human rights and civil liberties for our homeland, Cuba.

A day which marked our parents and who we are, all they would do to help our family and anyone who wanted to leave Cuba.

A day the few who were in the USA, had to unite and support one another to get on their feet, in a new country. To help those who were clouded by el Fidelista.

A day where they and others would reach out their hands to their Cuban sisters and brothers, regardless if they made the mistake of following Castro and now saw the light and the truth of what Fidel Castro’s agenda would be for Cuba and for the Children of Cuba.

Today is marked for them as the day they would never return to their homeland, Cuba.

A day to rebuild... in their new world, learn a new language, to embrace a new culture, and to continue the fight against the enemies of liberty and democracy.

Oh, yes and a day where my parents would have to move heaven and earth to get me the baby out of Cuba. This is how my family and friends started January 1, 1959.

Here I am, the baby at the age of 52, starting January 1, 2010, in Unity with fellow Cubans and many others that ONLY want to end the Cuban tragedy of 51 years of a lost City. A pointless revolution! That has given nothing to the people of Cuba.

Many have contacted me and asked me, if I am the daughter of Lt. Cornel Merob Sosa Garcia.

Yes, I am! I am the youngest of the 3, and yes I will continue what so many started on January 1, 1959, to fight for the freedom of Cuba.

Yes, my father belonged to La Rosa Blanca the first Cuban organization in the USA. Yes, he was a friend and a brother to Rafael Diaz-Balart and the organization started on January 28, 1959, in honor of Jose Marti.

Yes, he was the military arm of the organization. Yes, he was also aligned with Alpha 66; Yes he knew Jorge Mas Canosa and others. Yes, he told his fellow brothers not to go to Bay of Pigs because JFK would have to bailout and they would be captured.

Yes, at the time he served under Batista, the militaries mission is to defend their country. This is what my Father and many other Father’s were doing defending, Cuba so it would not fall in the hands of an egotistical madmen and his squad of killers.

Yes, he has never agreed with communist principles and felt sorry for those that were blinded by it.

Yes, he loved the founding principles of the USA over any other government.
Knowing the USA also has made mistakes, yet, honored how the founding father’s of the USA and the Declaration of Independence and Constitution were crafted by ordinary immigrants who searched for Freedom. This is why; the USA is the Land of the FREE and the home of the BRAVE!

In speaking to my sisters, I asked them what is it that you felt on January 1, 1959 and how do you feel, today, January 1, 2010? The respond will come directly from my sister, Carmen. They lived the agony of our Cuban history, along with all those in their generation.

I will realize the Cuban Historical Film Project with those who thirst to finally share it with the World. We will tell our side of the story, we must learn from history the lesson placed before us.

We must raise our Consciousness and be better humans for the sake of humanity.

Tonight is New Year’s Eve. It’s the night we all toast to the future and become resolute in changing the way we do things.

Perhaps, it is time to change the way we have handled the Cuba issue and finally make a difference and bring about the true change so very needed for all who are held hostage in their own homeland.

Some are so blinded by fear they cannot see the forest for the trees, we must reach out to those who have the courage to speak the truth of the real Cuba. The one Castro hides from the World. We do not need to be talking to those who want to continue with the same double standards and status quo of the Castro brothers.

Insanity: doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results. ~ Albert Einstein

The People of Cuba and the Exile community long for REAL HARD CORE CHANGE!

Regardless of what the Castro regime tries to show through their communist propaganda.

51 years have shown what is and what is not, its time for a change and start a new REVOLUTION for the PEOPLE AND BY THE PEOPLE!!!

I wish ALL my old and new Friends a Very Happy, Free and Joyous 2010!!!!


Gina I. Sosa

Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Virtual Prayer 12/31/2009 to 1/1/2010 United with ONE Thought....

As we prepare to ring in the New Year 2010, we invite you, no matter where YOU are in the World to join us in a prayer for Cuba, if you are on the Dance floor, do it, if you are on the computer, join the Virtual Prayer,  does not matter where you are at, just takes a minute for our thoughts our prayers.

Our Prayer is simple. 

Based on God's gift to humanity:  Life, Love, Liberty, Freedom, Joy and Prosperity.

We pray for true freedom in Cuba and for this freedom to remain. 

To be FREE of the Castro regime going on 51 years of an illegal government that is not for the people.

We pray for all political prisoners, for las damas en blanco, for all independent journalist, for all the Cuban bloggers. 

We pray for all the people that still fear the Castro regime, letting them know that with God before them, they have nothing to fear.  

We are calling 2010 the Year of Liberty for Cuba!

I wish you and yours a very HAPPY NEW YEAR, 2010!!!!

Thank you GOD!

Saturday, December 26, 2009



A Cuba with Liberty, Democracy, Prosperity, Unity.

Please JOIN the Face Book Page, Conga line to a free Cuba in 2010, the page is about...

OUR LOVE for CUBA UNITED as we PRAY, as we KNOW, with NO DOUBT that 2010!!!

Must be the year of Great Change!!!!  

"We move with Certainty,we pour our love, peace, joy, and freedom onto our Tierra, CUBA"!  gis

Tuesday, December 22, 2009

51 Years Later... The Journey continues....

This day is marked in my family history! 

My mother, Modesta, always with reflection and gratitude to prepare for Navidad and Praise God for the gift of life.

A day where I remember my parents and two older sisters for the courage our Mother had in making our Father get on an airplane, destination West Palm Beach, Florida,  final destination New York City, to spend Christmas with family.

The reason in her heart for my Father to have rest, since he was in an intense battle in la sierra maestra against the rebel forces of Fidel Castro and Che, who were about to take over the country.

She managed to do all this against my Father's will, he wanted to stay and continue the fight and not allow Castro forces to take over the country.  However, he had to listen to General Silito Tabernilla and at the time President Batista to go on vacation relax, rest and enjoy Navidad and Ano Nuevo.

For my parents and siblings this day marks the journey of 51 years, where they had to start a new life, in a new country, with a new language, without the comforts they worked for and who they were.  The thought of not going home in 1959, was not a thought in their minds or heart, especially my sister's.

On January 1, 1959 there life changed, all our life's changed!

I guess this was the path in that moment and the Christmas gift of life was on target, for if our Father would have been in Cuba, perhaps, I as the youngest would have never known him.

I had the Joy of having him alive in the land of the free and the gift of both my parents sharing their experiences.

I do feel the Journey, the journey of so many Cubans is to realize a Free Cuba, where we can all get on an airplane and return to re-build, what has been destroyed for 51 years.

The Journey must start NOW! 

We continue the call for all Exiles to Unite with a common objective, to FREE CUBA, from the tortures of Castros Communist Regime.

Or do we just continue with another 51 years of this cruel intimating style of governing.

The communist do not like when people unite for one objective, one goal, one Victory!

Feliz Navidad y Prospero Ano Nuevo!!!

Thursday, December 17, 2009


One of the many beautiful Christmas Presents for all of us, who feel, the Cuba of our parents and grandparents. 

I invite you to watch the video, narrated by Andy Garcia, the video for International Human Rights week and
the immigrant archieve project.

The history of our nation will not be wiped out just because of the hatred in the heart of a mad man and his croonies.

I affirm and claim the year 2010 to be the year of the Bird of Liberty and Peace for Cuba and the World. 

Where human, civil rights and justice, for all prevail.

It is with hope, peace, love and joy in our Hearts, that we Visualize a real and True Cuba, with the Silver Bells of LIBERTY ringing for all to witness the Greatness of Exiles United, (un exilio unido) for One common goal!    Democracy, Liberty, Freedom, Peace, Prosperity and Love for all the Cuban people.

Feliz Navidad y Prospero Ano Nuevo

Monday, December 14, 2009

Make A Miracle !!!! A local Broward County, Florida, USA Story....

This story reminds me of Gloria Estefan’s song, “Christmas through your eyes.”

Along with John Lennon’s, “so this is Christmas and What have you done’

It is not just a yearly Toy drive while we are in the season of giving. It continues throughout the year and the BIG bonus, if you will, is Christmas, when the Christ is born in each and every one of us

The season of Hope, Peace, Love and Joy, allow me to take you on a journey of how the Christ within was born in Make a Miracle and its founder.

Regina Champlin Igoe started working with Fort Lauderdale’s school kids as a

“Listener for children.”

The listener program is a part of the Mental Health Services department with Broward County, and is designed to work with under-privileged children who face poverty, neglect, and sometimes violence at home.

“Listeners” are charged with talking with the kids about their goals in life, cultivating their dreams and perhaps help them solve problems with a little adult advice. In tougher neighborhoods of South Florida, those conversations don’t come easily.

At the end of the two-day training the program’s administrators asked Igoe which children she wanted to work with. “I said, give me the worst school you’ve got.” recalls Igoe.

That “worst school” ended up being North Side Elementary, located near the corner of Sunrise and Andrews Avenue, a little south of Wilton Manors. It is only blocks from the Towering apartments and cute gentrified cottages of Wilma, North side elementary sits in a world completely separated from the prosperity of Broward County’s gay hood.

“The children looked like walking zombies.” said Igoe. “These kids suffer from neglect, from not enough food in the house…they were dead inside. I would look in their eyes, and there was nothing going on. They live in an area with guns and drugs and that’s all they see. They never sat at a dinner table together.

They think, “The only way I’m going to make any money is to become a criminal.”

Despite her efforts, Igoe said she couldn’t connect with the kids; they wouldn’t open up and share their thoughts with a stranger.

“I began to questions if I was accomplishing anything.” she said. “To take a child for a half hour and talk to them, and expect to get results from this white person who comes in, you’re getting nowhere.”

Nevertheless, Igoe stuck with it and after a year, she finally had a break through. During one of her one-sided question and answer sessions she asked a boy if he had plans for Christmas.

“He looked at me, and said “Christmas”? “I’ve never had a Christmas”, she said.

That conversation was the inspiration for Igoe’s organization Make a Miracle, which develops a safe environment for children by bringing them out of their homes and giving them family comforts most people take for granted. Igoe provides after-school help, she takes groups on field trips, she cooks them meals all at her own expense, buying school uniforms and books and food with her own money.

The highlight of the year is Christmas, when she gives them presents, which are usually the only presents they receive.

In 2008 Igoe turned her organization into a non-profit, and with the spiritual help of Unity Church of Fort Lauderdale, she wrapped and distributed over 1,500 gifts to kids from elementary through high school. Most of the gifts were typical: bicycles, video games, Barbie dolls. She was shocked by the number of kids that asked for basic items, including food.

“Some of the kids wanted eye exams, they couldn’t see the board.” She said. “So we got them glasses, and they began to pay attention in class and their grades went up.”

Igoe’s rules for her kids are simple: Yes, Rules…go to class, get good grades, don’t cause trouble and don’t get suspended, and you get a gift from your wish list. Break the rules, and you get a toy from the dollar store. Besides the disappointment of receiving a lousy gift, the kid’s competitive nature is what drives them to open up a gift from their wish list, rather than a gift not on their wish list.

When Igoe began her organization, North Side Elementary was a “D” school. Yet, after working with administrators to implement her programs, bringing the kids to the beach, cooking them dinner to teach them table manners-and most importantly persuading the kids to behave in class with the promise of Christmas presents –this year the school, once thought of as the “worst” in the district, received an “A” rating.

“In order to get an “A” rating, every child has to show growth.” said Michelle Brown, a guidance counselor at North Side. “Before we started this program, we had never received an “A”! People say we’re bribing the kids, but I don’t care. If it works, it works. And I know it works.”

Here is my sidebar on this concept: My Father and Mother, specifically my Father instilled in me education, all I ask is for good grades and every summer you will get a new bicycle and all your Christmas wishes on your list some way or another will manifest. Although most of my education was in private Jesuit schools the concept works for kids of all walks. I agree, it does work, and this is why, I have made a space on  my blog for you.

“These are the people you won’t feel safe in a few years because they grow up so fast, Igoe said. “These kids become the teenagers in your neighborhood. However, when they are exposed to different things, they start to carry books, see plays…you’re introducing them into ways of living they didn’t know. It has been a long process, but there’s been actual change…my bank account is depleted, but the kids are doing great.”
The efforts are beyond a toy drive, here is another example of the depth of the program.

Igoe contacted Florida Agenda to tell them of a young boy she met, who was suffering harassment from other kids at school who tease him for being gay.

“This little boy is very intuitive, very sensitive, very aware of other people”, she said. “He’s the nicest little boy. And I told him, “whether you’re gay or not gay, whatever you have inside you is you, and you have to honor that, there’s nothing wrong with it.” I teach girls the same, they have to honor themselves as women, they cannot let men take their power away.”

Obviously Igoe knew how to pull at the heartstrings of the GLBT community. Their community extends far beyond the boundaries of “gay hood.” Florida Agenda felt a responsibility to reach out in some way. The GLBT community is great at raising money for their causes which is necessary, as they face a society that often ignores their needs and leaves them to fend for themselves but we can also put our talents to good use by turning to the world around us. So Florida Agenda became a proud sponsor for Make a Miracle for the 2009 Christmas Toy Drive, where they will collect toys for kids throughout Broward County. Assisting these children helps not only them, but our own community at large.

Sure hope this sheds some light on the meaning of Christmas, the message the birth of Jesus Christ directed to humanity.

Merry Christmas to the Spirit of the Christ that lives and dwells within each and every individual as the message is taken outward to the World.

Have a Season full of JOY!

If you are moved, please contact Founder, Regina Igoe at Make A Mircle 954-803-1780.

As most non-profits, contributions are low this year, with hope in their hearts and faith they know every child will receive the Joy of Christmas.

Saturday, December 12, 2009

No Mas Chavez/No Mas Castro!!!! BASTA YA!

International Human Rights Week 12/5/09 to 12/12/09

It has been a humbling experience for me who was raised in the USA, since the age of 2 years old, to hear the stories of so many, the passion for their country.

To engage with people, the grassroots!   Of Cuba, Venezuela, and others, their will to continue to fight for Liberty and human rights.   It is something no one will ever take away from them, from me.

It makes me love and bow down to the USA, for embracing all of us with love, compassion and the will to be all you can be.

This is why we must also come together to help this great nation to continue to be the leader of the Free World.

On to the human rights demonstration:

Location: The Bay of Pigs Cuban Memorial – Calle 8 y la 13

On December 5, 2009, various Cuban exile organizations established throughout the years came out to support, EXILIO UNIDO YA! To join hearts, hands for ONE common Vision, Goal and Mission, Un Cuba Libra with NO Castro or its ideologies.

Today, on December 12, 2009, the Venezuelan community requested us to be present to support their cause No Chavez/No Castro, at the Cuban Memorial Site.

I guess we are all on the same page as we move forward showing our solidarity to stand up together for Liberty, Democracy, Prosperity and Unity!

Here are some simple, yet powerful hi-lights of the event:

What a musical group singing their folk songs from Venezuela and a young little girl dancing with her dress of the Venezuelan flag. You had to be there to capture the moment, the energy, and the essence of spirit.

Lady driver, no pun intended, gets excited and almost came up on the curve….

Drivers blowing their horns in solidarity!

Walk on by stop to greet us and stand with us for a moment, which is all that it takes. They go on to do their business, funny this Christmas and New Year everyone longs for the same. Una Cuba Libra y Una Venezuela Libra! No Castro/NoChavez!

A distinguished, well dressed, lovely elderly lady letting me know she is Cuban and loves the Venezuelan people and cannot stay for she is on her way to El Parke de Domino, just 2 blocks away from the memorial. What can I say, Adorable!

Many wonderful speakers expressed their solidarity.

An ex- military man reads the Venezuelan manifesto:


No Mas Comunismo: Ni Mas Castros, Ni Mas Chavez

Queremos Patria, Libertad, Democracia y Desarrollo

No more violations of human rights, respect for political prisoners and their families.

The ultimate moment, the silence, and the one that hit the emotions!!! Together a Venezuelan woman and Cuban Woman hold a brown bag together, take out two beautiful Birds of Peace and release them to be in Liberty! Classic!

Cuba and Latin America cannot continue on the path of Chavez, Castro and Che’s socialist principles of hatred and impeding their will.

We cannot continue to allow these ideologies to up root us from our base; we must fight collectively to uphold freedom and liberty in Latin America and Cuba.

Perhaps, learn from Honduras and others that have stood their ground and fought Goliath.

The United States of America cannot afford to ignore their closes neighbors, anymore.

For it is for the good of the United States to be aware of the developments within these regions.

I see a horizon full of light a non-stoppable force of good will for the human race.

We all have to live on this planet called Earth; either we create heaven on earth or hell.

Thank you for the privilege to stand by you!

Thursday, December 10, 2009

International Human Rights Day!

As John Lennon says in his song, “So this is Christmas and what have you done”?

I am one of the many humans wanting to Unite in the Spirit of Peace, Love, Joy and Goodness for all.

We can no longer afford to live in the World and ignore inhuman acts to fellow humans.

We are all created equal!   We are all children of one God with many names.

As many before us send out a message, we must decide, what type of World or Heaven we want to create for future generations.

Do we follow the message of Hope, Peace, Love and Unity or do we continue on the path of destruction and confusion?

Do we allow those that their mind, heart, and souls are filled with hate and envy to continue to violate human rights? I turn them over to GOD, to do what it is to be done. Knowing they were created by our maker. Therefore, I turn them over to the Creator of the Universe.

I will focus, now, on my Cuba, Our Cuba, 50 years of violating human rights gone to deaf ears, blinded by the myths of the Castro brothers. Silent by prison cells, by many who risk their lives and never make it to shore, silent by the fear of not endangering their family or friends.

Here and now we send you a message, your days are numbered, your inhuman ways are done, and your old ways of deceit and false accusations are and WILL be revealed by the Light of Truth.

You have poisoned the minds and hearts of 3rd and 4th generation, born under a system that has failed those who supported it. You have been and are the worst leader, excuse me; you do not deserve the title of leader. You are just one of the many egotistical, selfish and envious Dictators of the Cold War!

The path of truth is here and now! Your time is DONE! Your spirit will be put to rest.

For the island you hold hostage, the island where you go and beat up on WOMAN!
Shows who you are and what you have always been, weak cowards who do not have the courage to listen and face the truth.  You have been toxic waste to Cuba! 

Cubans United will rehabilitate the toxic mind-set you created with your pathetic rage.

May God forgive you!

Cubans together will make Cuba a better place and also the World!

Wishing the World Happy Holidays or as we say... Feliz Navidad! - Merry Christmas!

Peace on Earth and Goodwill towards the human race..... Cheers,

Saturday, December 5, 2009


It is through ACTION that we bring about the change we want to manifest.

The last time I stood in front of the Bay of Pigs Memorial was in 1998, with my beloved Mother, who wanted to visit Calle Ocho and say a silent prayer at the site. A pray for the fallen, for the political prisoners, and a pray for those held hostage on the island by a cruel madman, as she called him.

Today on the day of Human Rights I stood there with many mothers, fathers, sisters and brothers!

A peaceful loving event that united the exile community!

Exile community from 1959 to the present, this type of peaceful manifestation is what Castro, his cronies and those that parade in Miami, have never wanted to see happening.

It does not matter, who you are, what year you arrived or what you do, the bottom-line is we have a common goal. I will add that all Cubans share the same hope-full expectation for a free Cuba, without the tyrant’s Fidel and Raul Castro and their side kicks.

As exiles we know and understand that the people of Cuba must bring about the change within the island.

Today we were present for, Dr.Darsi Ferrer, Dr.Oscar Elias Biscet, for Las Damas en Blanco and many others who's human rights have been and continue to be violated!

Many exile organizations of different years were present to embrace, Exilio Unidos Ya!

Also present was the organization from Honduras that took a position of action and did not allow socialist-communist principles run over their civil and human rights.  Thank you for your action of support!

Also present a Colombian singer/songwriter, who wrote a song for Cuba, united with the exile community, showing support. Hope-full, expectation for a concert celebrating LIBERTY, with Olga Guillot, Willy Chirino, Gloria Estefan and many others, one day, in a free Cuba.

To think all this started on facebook, the virtual world united us throughout many locations today. We met in person and we continue on the journey to realize the changes that must take place on the island. 

In the 21st Century it is about Global inter-connectivity, through technology and lessons of history.  The way we connect, the way we watch television has changed and will change.

To see a few elders there! that I remember their faces when my parents attended such manifestations or came together for the cause of a free Cuba. They should be an inspiration to all of us, for 50 years they continue the plight for a free Cuba, no circumstance stops them.

As someone very special who could not be there, said to me today, there are 365 days in the year, we need to do this throughout the year, so we show real true Unity of Purpose for a free Cuba. To show the tyrant and his people who are parading in Miami that the Exile community is to be respected and will continue to stand United. We will continue to denounce human and civil rights violations not only in Cuba, wherever it takes place.

In our Unity of Purpose,

Friday, December 4, 2009

United for Human Rights in Cuba

I am honored to unite with fellow bloggers who seek human rights and freedom for Cuba!

Our BLOGBURST is for the people in Cuba.

We claim human rights for the people of Cuba and we demand the release of all political prisoners.

Their only crime is to express their desire for change and freedom in a peaceful manner.
For expressing their thoughts and feelings they are beaten and jailed.

Human Rights blog burst from 12/5/2009 to 12/12/2009!

It is a call to ACTION for all those that pray, wish and hope for human rights to be respected in Cuba.


Please stand with us United for human rights for the people of Cuba.

Thank you,

Tuesday, December 1, 2009

United for Human Rights... Stand Up, Stand Up!!!

Human Rights blog burst from 12/5/2009 to 12/12/2009!

It is a call to ACTION for all those that pray, wish and hope for human rights to be respected in Cuba. STAND UP with these Locations: PARÍS, MADRID, ROMA, BARCELONA, MARBELLA, MIAMI, WEST PALM BEACH, HIALEAH, TAMPA, NEW YORK, NEW JERSEY.....

Human Rights Day 12/10/2009!
We are united in support for Dr. Darsi Ferrer, human rights activist.
Check out Uncommen Sense blog
Engaging Cuba in human rights, has not worked for the past 50 years! The naïve not to say any other word, Obama administration, thinks because it is Raul Castro, who is just waving a banner of “Change”. Because it is Raul and not Fidel things will change? Guess what…..NOT!!! Both brothers are a mold of the same pattern in violating human rights. In fact, Raul upon taking the position of President brought in his heavy hitters, the men that were with him in la sierra maestra. These guys have no mercy or compassion! For them it is all about the revolution a revolution full of hatred, false accusations, lies, grand theft, killings, and division and it has proven to be a failure. A revolution that survives on blaming others and creating violent acts so the people will fear them.

The Castro brothers need to be held accountable!

The country and its people under the leadership of Fidel and Raul Castro continues to be oppressed, live in filth, poverty, no freedom of expression, no room for new and better ideas, no room for any type of improvement through change, no freedom of religion or to worship, no freedom for those inside Cuba to travel and those outside Cuba but born in Cuba to travel to and from the island. Just like it was done B.C.E. (before Castro error) the only ones in Cuba allowed to prosper are the Castro brothers and whom they allow in their inner circle. If you are in their circle and you suggest a certain type of change that is not fitting to the Castro’s, you will either be killed, jailed, your family and friends threaten or just disappear. These are tactics utilized by dictators to maintain themselves in control and in power.   Create panic and fear!

Many independent journalists, bloggers and many others in Cuba, who try to express the violation of human rights have been jailed, beaten and God knows what else! Just to name a few: Dr. Darsi Ferrer, Dr. Oscar Elias de Biscet, Maria Beatriz Roque, The Ladies in white and Yoani Sanchez and many others. They have had the courage to stand up and demand their civil and God given rights! They need the support and help of the people inside Cuba to STAND UP! STAND UP! just like Honduras has done and many other countries (with NO violence) where the people demanded their human and moreover their civil rights.

People in Cuba and Latin America must no longer allow dictators to run over their rights.

If you want to live in true freedom, if you want to be an agent of true change, if you want a better life for future generations than perhaps the time is here for you to change your destiny.

Peace, Love, Joy and Freedom,

Monday, November 23, 2009

It’s Time to Change/Es Tiempo de Cambio!!!

90 miles from the shores of the U.S. human rights are violated consistently. To bring about these rights the government of Cuba must CHANGE!   The people must change.

Everyone talks about it, yet to do it? To do it takes real courage, faith and strength in seeking freedom. Freedom to express yourself, freedom to eat the meal and drink whatever you want, freedom to spend the day, the weekend in a 5 star hotel with all the tourist. Freedom to earn a living, provide for yourself and your family. Freedom to travel outside of Cuba, Freedom to worship God or whatever, Freedom to vote in a new President or even the Freedom to run for the Presidency.

I feel compassion for the people of Cuba that do not know any better, because by Castro stripping them everyday, every year of their God given rights and keeping them disconnected from an inter-connected world, Castro maintains his status quo and the people continue to be oppressed and brain washed by a system the has No compassion for its people or for anyone.

I think many in the exile community, especially our parents and grandparents sure knew what change means. The greatest challenge was to adapt to change, and with courage, dignity, compassion and peace in their hearts they sure did. They did it in a whole new land and where ever the liberty bells were ringing.
Here we are going on 51 years of a dirty bearded dictator and nothing has changed! Oh, one thing did change, it is no longer Fidel, it is the other dirty bastard Raul. Like I said, No Change!!!
Here is my question, when will Castro change? When will the Cuban people inside the island truly embrace change? Do they fear “Freedom” more than they do Castro?
Here is a thought the Freedom that lives within you, must be brought out so that it can flow and true change be manifested.

It’s time to change! Es Tiempo de Cambio!

Freedom has No Price tag!!!

90 millas de las costas de derechos humanos de EEUU son violadas coherentemente. ¡Para producir estos derechos el gobierno de Cuba DEBE CAMBIAR! Las personas deben cambiar.
¿Todos hablan de ello, mas hacerlo? Para hacerlo toma valor verdadero, la fe y la fuerza a buscar libertad. Libertad de expresarlo, libertad de comer la comida y beber cualquier usted desea, libertad de gastar el día, el fin de semana en un 5 hotel de estrella con todo el turista. Libertad de ganarse la vida, prevealo y su familia. Libertad de viajar fuera de Cuba, Libertad de venerar a Dios o cualquier, Libertad de votar en un nuevo Presidente o aún la Libertad de correr para la Presidencia.

Yo  siento la compasión para las personas de Cuba que no sabe cualquiera mejor, porque por pelar de Castro los diario, todos los años los manteniendo desconectaron de un mundo entierra-conectado, Castro mantiene que su statu quo y las personas continúan ser oprimidas y el cerebro lavado por un sistema el no tiene compasión para sus personas ni para nadie.

Pienso muchos en la comunidad de exilio, especialmente nuestros padres y abuelos seguros supieron qué medios del cambio. El desafío más grande fue de adaptar para cambiar, y con valor, la dignidad, la compasión y la paz en los corazones ellos seguro hizo. Ellos lo hicieron en una nueva tierra entera y en donde las campanas de libertad llamaban.

¡Aquí pasamos 51 años de un dictador y nada con barba sucio ha cambiado! Ah, una cosa cambió, ya no es Fidel, es el otro Raul bastardo sucio. ¡Como dijo, ningún Cambio!!!
¿Aquí es mi pregunta, cuándo cambiará Castro? ¿Cuándo hacen las personas cubanas dentro de la isla sinceramente cambio? ¿Temen ellos "Libertad" más que a Castro?
Aquí está un pensamiento la Libertad que vive dentro de usted, debe ser sacada para que pueda fluir y el cambio verdadero es manifestado.

¡Es tiempo de cambiar! ¡

Libertad no tiene etiqueta de precio.

Friday, November 20, 2009

Reto a duelo (verbal)

Reto a duelo (verbal)

Living in Gratitude!

A simple celebration! An American tradition, no matter what part of the world you are from? Happy Thanksgiving! In the spirit of giving thanks, I felt gratitude for so many wonderful truths being realized this month of Thanksgiving, on an issue near and dear, Mi Tierra, CUBA!

Thank you President Obama!
For taking the time in your very busy schedule to respond to the 7 questions sent to you, by a very brave young Cuban woman, Yoani Sanchez, please view links:         English        Spanish

I stand and support Yoani! Nevertheless, a few think she needed to ask stronger questions; I agree; however, I focus on her strength and courage to bring out the Truth of what happens in Castro’s Cuba.
Great job, Yoani!!!!

In Miami we have the very best female journalist, Maria Elvira Salazar and her Spanish show with a wealth of information for anyone wanting to understand, the Cuban issues, Latin America and other topics that have a direct impact to the U.S.A. This week an amazing real life guest, that opened up corporations for Fidel & Raul Castro, the man that told Forbes magazine the net worth of Fidel Castro. This guy had to look at himself in the mirror, and had to face his own truth, and the truth of the worthless, corrupt and deceiving government of Fidel & Raul Castro. Check it out at
There are so many wonderful informative Spanish personalities on television and radio that everyday and maybe even all there lives have tried to make so many understand through their shows, the truth of Castro’s Cuba. To all of you, THANK YOU!
We also have many famous and non famous singers-songwriters that through their music express their feelings. A few are in the U.S. and many are in Cuba. Those in the U.S. have freedom of expression; however, those in Cuba, do not; such was, the case with Gorki Aguila Carrasco, jailed, and God knows what else, just because his songs were not what Castro wanted to hear or even worse for the people of Cuba to hear. THANK YOU!
I am also grateful for the Cuban-Americans in Capitol Hill, our congressmen and women from both political parties, for on the issue of Cuba they are one. Yet, today I have to give a special THANK YOU, to a high ranking Republican Ileana Ros-Lehtinen of Florida, for her opening statement to the house Foreign Affairs Committee on the issue of US policy toward Cuba.
Thank you for reading and connecting with us crazy passionate Cubanos!!!

I am grateful for your friendship I guess we have to give thanks to the various social media’s that allow us to connect, no matter where we are in the World. To raise awareness and truth of the plight of people inside Cuba, this is nothing new they have been doing it for 50 years; technology is what will bring down Goliath.

THANK YOU LADY LIBERTY!!!!    Happy Thanksgiving & God Bless America

Friday, November 13, 2009

Thursday, November 12, 2009

We demand human and civil rights for the people of Cuba!

90 Miles from the shores of the U.S.A.! The never ending Desperation of the people of Cuba.

This week! Martha Beatriz Roque, 64 years of age, went on hunger strike; however, she is diabetic and now finds herself very ill. On Friday, 11/06/09, a few Cuban bloggers, including, Yoani Sanchez, arrested and beaten for blogging,

The violation of human & civil rights in Cuba has been going on for too long. 90 miles away the bearded dictator, along with his radical extremist friends, would only like to hurt the USA, in some shape or form. Spain has been worthless to the people of Cuba, especially the current Spaniard administration.

I know many would say, well why don’t the people start fighting? Hey, I agree; nevertheless, I have learned that it is easier said than done. The people do fight!  This is why we have political prisoners, people that go on hunger strike, bloggers like Yoani Sanchez, Claudia Candelo, musicians and many others. This is their non-violent way of crying out to the USA and the International community. It appears that the only listeners are a few of us in the exile community. It appears that special interest by some in the exile community, main street media, and Washington D.C. is more imperative, than the constant violation of human and civil rights. People we are going on 51 years of this Cuban drama, it is time to dismantle the bearded dictator and his cronies.
It is time to allow the Cuban exiles to do what they need to do along with those inside Cuba. Once it is done, the USA can do all the business you want, only if it is of value for the people of Cuba and once they have held “Free” elections according to the Constitution of Cuba.
“We the people for a free Cuba”

¡Demandamos a derechos humano y civiles para las personas de Cuba!
¡90 Millas de las costas de la U. S. ! El nunca Desesperación de conclusión de las personas de Cuba. ¡Esta semana! Martha Beatriz Roque, 64 años de la edad, pasaron huelga de hambre; sin embargo, ella es diabético y ahora se encuentra muy enfermo. El viernes, el 11/06/09, unos pocos bloggers cubanos, incluyendo, Yoani Sanchez, detenido y batido para bloguear, La infracción de humano & los derechos civiles en Cuba han estado pasando para también mucho tiempo. A 90 millas el dictador con barba, junto con sus amigos extremistas radicales, sólo querría doler el EEUU, en alguna forma. España ha sido sin valor a las personas de Cuba, especialmente la administración actual.

¿Sé muchos dirían, bien por qué no empiezan a luchar las personas? Oye, concuerdo; no obstante, he aprendido que soy más fácil dijo que hecho. ¡Las personas luchan! De ahí que tengamos a presos políticos, las personas que pasan huelga de hambre, los bloggers como Yoani Sanchez, Claudia Candelo, los músicos y muchos otros. Esto es su manera pacífica de gritar al EEUU y la comunidad Internacional. Parece que los únicos oyentes son algunos de nosotros en la comunidad de exilio. Parece que interés especial por algunos en la comunidad de exilio, en medios de calle mayor, y en Washington D.C. es más imprescindible, que la infracción constante de derechos humano y civiles. Las personas que pasamos 51 años de este drama cubano, son tiempo de desmantelar el dictador con barba y a sus compinches.
Es tiempo de permitir los exilios cubanos hacer lo que ellos deben hacer junto con ésos Cuba de dentro. Una vez que es hecho, el EEUU puede hacer todo el negocio que usted desea, sólo si es de valor para las personas de Cuba y una vez ellos han tenido elecciones "Libres" según la Constitución de Cuba.
"Nosotros las personas para una Cuba libre"

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Celebrating Service!!!!

I Am Grateful for our Veterans throughout the years!!!

Thank you and your families for your Will to protect the Constitution of the USA.

To protect, “we the people”, to continue to live in Freedom, Liberty and Justice for all.
God Bless You and God Bless the United States of America.
I am grateful, and we celebrate your service, the love for your country, and your will to create peace throughout the world.

I stand by you!   We salute you with love!

Thank you

Monday, November 9, 2009

20year Celebration of the Fall of the Berlin Wall

Today November 9, 2009 a historical Victory for Berlin, the day the wall that divided east and west was finally torn down!

I find it only appropriate to show gratitude for those who made this victorious day a blessing for Berlin and all of Europe.
Ronald Reagan understood the symbolic power — and the symbolic shame — of the Berlin Wall. He also understood well the reason why Gorbachev didn’t dare tear down the Berlin Wall. It was the only thing keeping Western Europe from overwhelming the Soviet Union’s European dominance. But the speech by Reagan exposed Gorbachev’s hypocrisy on glasnost and perestroika and offering a new openness to the West. The Soviets could not offer openness to the West while maintaining its prison-camp status for the millions of people stuck behind that wall and the Iron Curtain in general.

I hope and pray that in the 21st Century we have No Cold War ideologies communist-socialist, facist or totalitarian systems that have been a World failure and have only promoted hate, violence, destroyed private companies and oppressed its own people.

This action 20 years ago in Berlin transformed the people of Berlin and the World!

There are still some areas in the World that need to transform! I will only mention my Country, for I know, from the depth of the hearts of many Cubans, what Castro’s-Communist Cuba has done; to the Cuban people. I only visualize a transformation of Democracy, human and civil rights for the people of Cuba. Our Castro WALL will also be torn down and it will start en la Plaza de la revolucion, (the plaza of the revolution), where so many were killed with NO DUE PROCESS!

People such as, Yoani Sanchez, Claudia Candelo, and all bloggers, musicians, political and prisoners of consciousness, all those that only seek to express their human and civil rights. They will also have their Victory and the Castro Wall will be torn down, and the celebration of true liberty, freedom, justice and joy, will be done.

Will try my best to translate into Spanish……
¡Hoy el 9 de noviembre de 2009 una Victoria histórica para Berlín, el día la pared que dividió oriental y occidental por último fue derribada!
Encuentro que sólo apropia para mostrar gratitud para los que hicieron este día victorioso una bendición para Berlín y toda Europa.
Ronald Reagan comprendió el poder simbólico — y la vergüenza simbólica — de la Pared de Berlín. El también comprendió bien la razón por qué Gorbachev no osó derribar la Pared de Berlín. Fue lo único manteniendo Europa Occidental de agobiar la dominación europea de Unión Soviética. Pero el discurso por Reagan expuso la hipocresía de Gorbachev en Glasnost y Perestroika y en ofrecer una nueva franqueza al Oeste. El soviético no podría ofrecer la franqueza al Oeste al mantener su estatus de campo de prisioneros para el millones de personas atascadas detrás de esa pared y el Telón de acero en general.
Espero y oro que en el siglo XXI nosotros tenemos a ningún comunista-socialista de ideologías de Guerra Fría, facist ni sistemas totalitarios que han sido un fracaso de Mundo y sólo han promovido odio, la violencia, las empresas privadas destruida y oprimido a sus propias personas.
¡Esta acción hace 20 años en Berlín se transformó a las personas de Berlín y el Mundo!
¡Hay todavía algunas áreas en el Mundo que necesita para transformarse! Yo sólo mencionaré mi País, para sabe, de la profundidad de los corazones de muchos cubanos, lo que Castro' Cuba comunista de s ha hecho; a las personas cubanas. Yo sólo me represento una transformación de la Democracia, el humano y los derechos civiles para las personas de Cuba. ¡Nuestra PARED de Castro también será derribada y comenzará en Plaza de la de revolucion de la, (la plaza de la revolución), donde tanto fueron matados con ningún PROCESO DEBIDO!

Las personas como, Yoani Sanchez, Claudia Candelo, y todos bloggers, los músicos, político y los presos del conocimiento, todo ésos que sólo procuran expresar a su humano y derechos civiles. Ellos también tendrán su Victoria y la Pared de Castro será derribada, y la celebración de la libertad verdadera, libertad, la justicia y la alegría, serán hechas.

Friday, November 6, 2009

Cuban blogger Yoani Sanchez DETAINED by Castros gustapo...

I get on my facebook and twitter account and receive the message that this young woman along with other Cuban bloggers were detained by Castro's Secret Police. 

I am certain that Castro and his army of hatred, his secret police and all those that surround him are not to thrilled at the press and prizes that Yoani Sanchez has been awared.

Yoani along with other bloggers and all those that opposse the dictator are anchored on truth!  For the Castro dynasty, an inconvenient truth.  The mask that the regime has worn for 50 years is being removed! 

These bloggers along with others have their lives on the line simple for expressing the truth of what is going on in Cuba.  This is not the first time, Yoani and others are picked up, perhaps even beaten, threaten and God knows what else.  The system is one of intimitation and manipulation;nevertheless, these bloggers, and so many others resist and continue their Dream to one day, not live in slavery, the slavery of  Castro's illegal government. 

I have faith that their dreams are no longer on deaf ears and clouded by Castros style of intimatation and false hood.   I know that a new day for Cuba is near.  I know that it is time for the Castros to pack their bags along with their family and get the heck out of Cuba, is slowly approaching. 

The Cuban bloggers are bringing awareness to the Truth of Cuba!   And we stand with them, until the disapperance of  the Castro holocaust!  

The Cuban bloggers and others are exteremly humble and very Brave!!!!

If God before you, who against you... We Salute You.

Monday, November 2, 2009

Cuban Comedy-Drama Blog.....

I just have to laugh at the ignorance of all this, especially since it has been going on for 50 years.

I will start by saying that I love America and its democratic system. Nevertheless, there are some Washington politicians and or their “so called” advisors in need of a history lesson and or should get informed. If they would do their homework, perhaps they would avoid certain costly political mistakes.

Here we are, 50 years later, and we continue to try and explain the truth about the Castro government and the oppression against its people and especially, those that think different than the regime. We have people in our US congress that have not validated or shown their respect to the people of Cuba. The constant violation of human rights!

I am tired of the rhetoric of human rights! The only human right that counts to these politicians is the money and kick backs that they get. It appears that a few politicians and or advisors in Washington D.C. have no clue or are just plain ignorant of the 50 years of Castro’s Cuba. Nevertheless, the evidence shows that many have been spying for Castro’s Cuba and many of these spies have been employed in high positions in the inner circle of Washington, DC, so perhaps this is the case. This is what leads me and others to think that many have fallen for the illusion of what these spy’s unknown to certain politicians, etc have painted a false illusion of Castro’s Cuba.

It is puzzling! Why these politicians, the black caucus, Hollywood film makers, and tourist only seem to go to the illegal government of Castro. If they want to know the truth of an island,where the people are prisoners, why do they not go to those people.....WOW, think out of the box?
The Castro brothers and their Army of hatred, you cannot or rather, Do Not Dare to express your ideas, or even bring up the word CHANGE. Why, do they not go speak or in search of those that are persecuted and oppressed for thinking different and expressing the need to Change and have elections, elections that do not include the Castro dynasty. Why not go visit and listen to, Vladimiro Roca, Marta Beatriz Roque, Dr. Oscar Elias De Bicet, Dr. Darsi Ferrer, Las Damas en Blanco, Yoani Sanchez, and musicians expressing their feeling through their art and music and so many others….

Please stop! insulting the intelligence of the people of Cuba and the exile community.
If you want to do business in Cuba, you want to do it in a non-socialist communist environment, if not you are wasting your time, money and will lose all your investments to a regime that has stolen the Country from its people, a regime that is illegal, a regime that is dying, if NOT already dead. Castro’s revolution is a thing of the past!    Weather you like it or not, you will have to sit at the table with the people of Cuba that are oppressed and held hostage on an island, along with the Cuban exile community.
Here I go again….The only embargo is the one that Castro has on the people of Cuba!

Love, Light & Peace….Que Viva una Cuba Libre!!!!

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

This Tuesday 20 of October, we express our solidarity with the ones that fight for the liberty of Cuba

Este martes 20 de octubre, expresamos nuestra solidaridad con los que luchan por la libertad de Cuba:
Libertad para los presos politicos Cubanos
Democracia para Cuba
Elecciones Libres con pluralidad de partidos en Cuba
Amnistia para presos politicos y exiliados Cubanos.
Basta de pena de muerte en el paredon en Cuba.
Retorno de los exiliados a Cuba.

Tuesday 20 OF October New Supportive Day with the Cuban Resistence
This Tuesday 20 of October, we express our solidarity with the ones that fight for the liberty of Cuba:
Liberty for Cuban Political Prisoners
Democracy for Cuba
Free Eelections with plurality of parties in Cuba.
Amnesty for political prisoners and exiled Cubans.
Enough of  DEATH PENALTY in the wall Called "Paredon"
Return of the exiled community to Cuba.

Friday, October 16, 2009

Cuban blogger Yoani Sanchez denied to leave Cuba again....

The Castro regime again denies her the right to leave Cuba to attend the Maria Moors Cabot ceremony held in NY.  This is one of many prizes she has been awared for her writings and courage through her virtual world of blogging, where she is free to express herself.  She has always been denied the right to freely leave Cuba to receive any of the awards!

Of course this action from the Castro regime is not surprising to me, anyone that speaks out against the truth and reality of Cuba, is considered anti-revolutionary.  Yoani, as so many political prisoners, song-writers, poets and independant journalist do not have the Freedom that in this wonderful country, the United States of America we take for granted.  The freedom of expression, the freedom of ideas, the freedom of change, the freedom of telling your leaders that it is time to change a failed system.  The freedom to establish a democracy and hold free elections.  You Cannot do this in the illegal government of Castro!  It is illegal due to the fact that elections have not been held in Cuba since he came into power and took over the country.

How can our own US Congress and the International community go to a country that denies human rights and freedom to their own people.  How can you speak about unconditional tourist travel, when the people of Cuba cannot even travel inside their own country.  Moreover, they cannot even think of traveling outside of the country, unless "the" Castros approve it.  How would you like for the USA to approve your travel inside and or outside your country.  What embargo are you talking about?  For the only embargo is the one Castro has imposed for close to 51 years.

If you want unconditional travel for the tourist to leave their dollars in Cuba, than the people of Cuba, such as Yoani Sanchez and others want the right to have NO restrictions in their travels in and out of Cuba.  In fact, no more of the Cuban governments regulations of those that came to the USA after 1972 or so. Do you know they cannot travel to Cuba with a US passport! do you know they have to go to Washington, DC to the Cuban intersection and take out a Cuban passport, I will not even go into how much dollars go into this.  This is how Castro manipulates, since he knows Cubans are family oriented, he knows they will keep his economic system alive by placing all these restrictions on the exile community. 

Our message is ONE, we want a "Cuba Libre" we want human rights for all cubans those inside the island and the exile community. Our island and the people inside the island are held hostage of MAD MAN and his revolution!  My God we are going on 51 years of this, the time is here and now and the pressure cooker is about to explode!!!  Castro and his army of oppression must think about leaving.

Yoani Sanchez congratulations on another well deserved prize! 

I like to also congratulate, Las Damas en Blanco, (Ladies in White) all politcal prisoners, independant journalist and songwriters for their courage to stand up and make the World aware of your truth and the truth of Cuba!

God Bless all of you & Cuba and God Bless America!!!

Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Cubans United in ONE common Dream!

Cuba Libre!!! A Free Cuba!!!
The Cubans on the Island and many in the Exile community are pregnant with one dream, to see a truly free Cuba. For fifty years (50), we have been on this plight of freedom; we have four (4) generations in the mix. The first those parents and grandparents forced to leave their Country! Many, who wore the veil of blindness started to see the truth of the Castro regime and the so called revolution. By now, you get the point and if by chance you do not, I like you to tell me what has been the benefits of the Castro regime, what value did it bring to the people of Cuba? And why since 1959, they seek to be exiles in search of liberty, freedom and prosperity? Prior to the 1959 revolution, very few Cuban exiles, no one was risking their lives and their children’s, by getting on any type of raft to get them 90 Miles, in search of their rights, freedom, liberty and serenity.

It is obvious that the revolution is a failure and Castro and his cronies are out dated!

It is obvious that all four (4) generations are longing to see their country Free from tyranny and the ideologies of any type of communist system. It is obvious to all that Castro is not a leader to follow in anyway shape or form, for he has never lead by example. Unless you consider leading by example, to murder, steal and destroy your nation and violate the rights of its people. I can go on; however, I will spare you the details and or truth!
It is up to all Cubans, the historical, the balseros, the elderly, the in between and the youth to raise our voice, as many are doing on the Island and those in exile by bringing awareness of our plight to freedom and our truth.

The government of the United States cannot have a dialogue with an illegal government; in this case, Castro’s Cuba. They will have to get the exile community all those jailed on the Island, regardless of a jail cell or not for the whole island are prisoner' of the revolution. In my opinion, the Castro’s and their thugs have NO say in the present and or future of Cuba. It has to be a New Day for all the people of Cuba on the island and in exile. A new day! The sun rise brings them the rays of freedom. The oceans breeze waves liberty. The rain cleans the decay of this beautiful island. The gift from the creator is your Inalienable right and the people of Cuba must claim this right.

Our journey has been long, yet we will navigate together and anchor ourselves on truth, justice and the pursuit of creating the Greatest, Cuba, that any generation has experienced. Either we learn from the mistakes of the past and the big mistake of giving control to one person or we have not learned the lesson.

In our unity of purpose!

Monday, September 21, 2009

No Man is an Island

The day after the Juanes concert, it was a blessing to see so many Cubans have at least 6 hours to taste Liberty. Today, they are back to their reality and Miami continues to be divided. I say this with the utmost respect; we cannot continue the division among ourselves because we become our worst enemy. It should not be surprising to anyone with a brain & heart that for 50 years Castro has manipulated, YOU, the World & the USA. To achieve Liberty the youth of Cuba will need to rise up and demand it, rise up and demand the release of political prisoner’s that have done nothing but to express their differences, rise up and change the system. It is time to change Castro's Cuba! It is up to those inside Cuba to change its destiny and seal its fate. What we must do is be in Unity with a message of True Change in a peaceful and civil manner, we must stop the power play of the ego which is what got us into this mess in the first place. Exile’s I say this with respect, for 50 years you have fallen for the Castro trap, do you not know by now that he plants his seeds at your rallies, in your work place , in your schools and in different governments, including the USA. He does this because he knows he can control your emotions. Do we change this; or do we continue with the same of the same. Cuba deserves to breathe and hear the liberty bells! What we have never understood is that liberty comes at a cost and it is to, Stand up to claim your rights and bring about Change for the time is here and now. The fate of Cuba is in the hands of all Cubanos working together for the betterment and Greatness of their nation. It is time for the Castro's and their regime of hatred and blame to leave Cuba in peace and Go Away!!! and perhaps finally the people of Cuba and those in Exile can find true liberty in our beloved Cuba, and learn to live among one another. To achieve this dream we know that it is ONLY in a Free and Democratic Cuba and Yes, without the Castro dynasty! "I cultivate a white rose", Jose Marti

Saturday, September 19, 2009

Do not allow the concert to divide us...

The Juanes concert is upsetting a few Exile Cubans throughout the World. We must remain positive for those Cubans on the Island. It should not be surprising to anyone with a brain & heart that for 50 years Castro has manipulated the World & the USA. We must understand that the Cuba of yesterday lives in our hearts and memories. Castro's Cuba is the one created by the revolution. What we must do is be in Unity with a message of True Change in a peaceful and civil manner, we must take a leadership position and educate those on the island about their history, so that we can respect one another. Cuba belongs to all those that were born their, regardless of when and where they live today. The bottomline is as Cubans we must Stand Up and bring about Change for the time is here and now. The Cubans on the Island & the Exile community both must change so that we can finally have true liberty in our beloved Cuba, and learn the lessons of History. The coin has 3 sides: Theirs, Yours and The Truth...we must write our Truth so that we can have closure and move on in a Free and Democratic Cuba and Yes, without the Castro dynasty! Peace, Love, Understanding, Compassion and Cuba Libre!!!
"I cultivate a white rose", Jose Marti

Will try my best to write in Spanish...

El concierto de Juanes trastorna unos pocos Exilio a cubanos a través del Mundo. Debemos quedarnos positivo para esos cubanos en la Isla. No debe estar sorprendiendo a nadie con un cerebro & corazón que durante 50 años Castro ha manipulado el Mundo & el EEUU. Debemos comprender que la Cuba de vive ayer en los corazones y memorias. Cuba de Castro es el uno creado por la revolución. Qué nosotros debemos hacer es está en la Unidad con un mensaje del Cambio Verdadero en una manera pacífica y civil, nosotros debemos tomar una posición de liderazgo y educar ésos en la isla acerca de su historia, para que podamos respetar el uno al otro. Cuba pertenece a todo ésos que nacieron su, a pesar de cuando y donde ellos viven hoy. El bottomline es como cubanos que Debemos Pararnos y deber producir el Cambio para el tiempo es ahora mismo. Los cubanos en la Isla & la comunidad de Exilio deben cambiar para que nosotros por último podamos tener la libertad verdadera en nuestra amada Cuba, y aprender las lecciones de la Historia. La moneda tiene 3 lados: ¡Suyo, Suyo y La Verdad. ..debemos escribe nuestra Verdad para que podamos tener cierre y movimiento en una Cuba Libre y demócrata y Sí, sin la dinastía de Castro! ¡La paz, el Amor, la Comprensión, la Compasión y Cuba Libre!!! "Cultivo una rosa blanca", Jose Marti

Lt. Cornel Merob Sosa Garcia

For all those new friends and those that are my fans. As friends and fans it is important to make you aware of who I am. I am not here to justify or not justify anything I have done or have not done. I am here to educate on facts, history and truth. Since there is so much propaganda on me created by the 1959 Cuban revolution, the Castro brothers, and their side kick Ernesto Guevarra, aka CHE. I have never had the chance of clearing my name, till now, the wonderful 21st Century. I wish I would have been all the things they accuse me of, if I were they would have NOT been in power for 50 years. Perhaps, if I would have been like Castro & Che they would have never taken over Cuba, the same with my brothers in arms. My friends & fans do not be fooled by the media and Hollywood with their myths and fiction. My name has been mentioned in many books, magazines and recently I made it to Hollywood, in the Che part 1 movie of this director, Steven Soderbergh, his information is only from the writings of Castro & Che. Did he ever ask my Family for permission to use my name? Does he know how many attorney's, I have in my family? It is ok, I forgive him, he is just one of the many ignorant fools in Hollywood. My family and I are grateful to him, because we will set the record straight! With no political agenda, it will be based on historical facts, which is called, TRUTH. My family and friends are humbled by you being our friends, all we want is to tell our side of the know the COIN has two sides. Thank you... "Cultivo una rosa blanca", Jose Marti

Lt. Cornel Merob Sosa Garcia

Many may be wondering, who is this guy on facebook and now a blog? It is a valid question. The FB page and blog are to bring awareness. Created to honor our mother's last wishes, in regards to her beloved, Cuba, and what she experienced with our Father. As the youngest daughter of Merob; I, as many in my generation of cuban exile's, have gone through this Journey and the discovery of who we are, the knowing of the country, in which, we were born, B.C. (before Castro) The discovery of this child and of his grand children, is what started them questioning, why do they write such lies and certain accusations that distort the truth. Bottomline, lies of not only Merob, yet of others. This truly upset our mother and she always wanted to finish the memories my dad started;however, after his death in 1975, in NJ, it was hard for her. Than here comes the internet, what an awesome tool, we all love it, well here is google and now our dad has made it to google. Of course the source is, the communist propaganda of Cuba, and their Granma newspaper. Well, it is up to their children and I encourage all the children to Stand Up and clarify the story. No one has truly ever rebuttal the Castros & Che writings, well, my friends, the time has come. Yes, many authors have written stories;nevertheless, we need to tap into mainstream media. The American and International community! This is way, I decided to create a FB page and blog for my Dad and all the Dads that fought against communism. Many of them never had due process, many spent endless years of their youth as political prisoners, and many were able to leave the country, prior to Cuba being turned over to Fidel Castro in 1959, due to Presidential orders. My friends, I am working on the biggest project of my life. A film project that will include the story of every Cuban, in one way or another. Yes, for those wondering, it has been copywrited. I have made great contacts with wonderful individuals that will be involved in this project. I have wonderful friends that some how or another have been or are involved in film and have encouraged me to move forward. Feel free to contact me directly, if you have anything you feel you like to contribute.
In our Unity of purpose,