Monday, September 20, 2010

Juanes- President Obama release the 5 Cuban spies....

Juanes and friends must be craving  for publicity!

Showing he has no empathy or compassion for the plight of the Cuban people.

Never taking into account the amount of damaged caused by the Castro regime.

The number of lives lost at sea just to reach the destination of “freedom.”

These are the same 3 who held a so called “Peace” concert a year ago for the people of Cuba!

I have not heard Juanes, Tanon or Bose say anything about the ladies in white, the death of Zapata and others jailed and tortured by Castro.

Furthermore, political prisoners and those of conscious never had a trail, just like all those they have murdered throughout the years, never given due process.

The 5 spies were trailed by a legal court of the United States of America.

The sentence the 5 are serving is because they are SPIES who were sent by the pathetic communist-socialist regime of Fidel and Raul Castro.

Briefing on the 5 Spies:

The leader of the "Cuban Five" was convicted of plotting with the Cuban military to kill three American citizens and a permanent resident in the February 1996 shoot down of two civilian planes over international waters by Castro's jet fighters.

The Obama Administration has made it very clear that the "Cuban Five" are not subject to release or a prisoner exchange of any kind.

Bravo to Obama and his administration!

I sure hope this is another lesson learned for Cubans not to be fooled by the Juanes agenda and behind his word “peace”.

There is peace in Cuba, hello there is NO WAR going on…What Cuba needs is Freedom and Democracy from the claws of a cruel dictator.

The people of Cuba deserve to live with dignity and peace of mind when they express their opinions, that they will not be jailed or killed.    This is the Peace Cuba needs!

Juanes stay out of the Cuban issue!

Focus on your own Country and find something else to do with your little friends.