Friday, March 26, 2010

The Silent Walk of the Ladies in White/Las Damas de Blanco...

They walk in silent Grace with a flower in their hand and a Heart full of LOVE.

The Woman who will change and transform Cuba!

They walk for their husbands, brothers, sons, sisters and daughters, who are political prisoners and or prisoners of conscious.

They walk for Liberty, Love, Joy, Peace and Unity. 

I am so PROUD of them!  Proud of all Cuban bloggers and political prisoners for the Courage to stand up for their God given right to live in freedom.  To demand human rights for all the people of Cuba.

The exile community March with them in Solidarity and we show the World the truth, these peaceful Woman face every time they March, in the streets of their homeland, Cuba.

I feel the breath of God upon Cuba, I feel change, I feel a historical Transformation in the Country I was born, yet have never seen.

I know the day is here and now! 

Therefore, I say, Thank You God!

For these woman hold the key, and the lock, on the chain, will be OPENED; and Cuba will be Free and Better than ever!

Exilio Unido Ya!    that is everyone one Together for Freedom in Cuba and the World!

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