Thursday, April 1, 2010

Freedom is not Negotiable!!!

How can any Country or how can the Obama administration even Think of Negotiating with a terrorist!

After 50 years of a government that has done Nothing but destroy its own Country and the Citizens of that country.

I had to verify to make sure the news was real, I could not believe that not only do they beat up on Yoani Sanchez for her blog, the Ladies in White/Las Damas de Blanco, yet NOW they hurt a 5 month old BABY!

This baby is taken from the hands of his mother who opposes  the Castro regime.

 I guess this should not surprise me, considering what my parents and family had to go through in 1959 to get me out of Cuba.   For it was my head for my Fathers.

If you have investments in Cuba, if you are a Tourist, YOU are contributing to violence and terrorist acts upon the people of Cuba.   You are negotiating with an illegal  and terrorist government!

Castro your day is approaching, your revolution of destruction is over and mark my word your Judgement day is upon you, and all those that support your pathetic revolution.

I am done with you!

For 50 years we have tried inside and outside of Cuba to approach our situation with peace and love for our fellow brothers and sisters on the island.

The political prisoners have called for change and all you to do is throw them in jail, for the simple use of the word, change, elections,etc.  You refuse to let go of power and you bring your fist down on those that voice the truth.

You are a madmen with No heart or conscious!  You know YOUR end is near.  You are so selfish and ruthless, that you are capable of the unimaginable. 

Yet before you get to the unimaginable; we will take you down.

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