Monday, September 21, 2009

No Man is an Island

The day after the Juanes concert, it was a blessing to see so many Cubans have at least 6 hours to taste Liberty. Today, they are back to their reality and Miami continues to be divided. I say this with the utmost respect; we cannot continue the division among ourselves because we become our worst enemy. It should not be surprising to anyone with a brain & heart that for 50 years Castro has manipulated, YOU, the World & the USA. To achieve Liberty the youth of Cuba will need to rise up and demand it, rise up and demand the release of political prisoner’s that have done nothing but to express their differences, rise up and change the system. It is time to change Castro's Cuba! It is up to those inside Cuba to change its destiny and seal its fate. What we must do is be in Unity with a message of True Change in a peaceful and civil manner, we must stop the power play of the ego which is what got us into this mess in the first place. Exile’s I say this with respect, for 50 years you have fallen for the Castro trap, do you not know by now that he plants his seeds at your rallies, in your work place , in your schools and in different governments, including the USA. He does this because he knows he can control your emotions. Do we change this; or do we continue with the same of the same. Cuba deserves to breathe and hear the liberty bells! What we have never understood is that liberty comes at a cost and it is to, Stand up to claim your rights and bring about Change for the time is here and now. The fate of Cuba is in the hands of all Cubanos working together for the betterment and Greatness of their nation. It is time for the Castro's and their regime of hatred and blame to leave Cuba in peace and Go Away!!! and perhaps finally the people of Cuba and those in Exile can find true liberty in our beloved Cuba, and learn to live among one another. To achieve this dream we know that it is ONLY in a Free and Democratic Cuba and Yes, without the Castro dynasty! "I cultivate a white rose", Jose Marti

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