Saturday, September 19, 2009

Lt. Cornel Merob Sosa Garcia

For all those new friends and those that are my fans. As friends and fans it is important to make you aware of who I am. I am not here to justify or not justify anything I have done or have not done. I am here to educate on facts, history and truth. Since there is so much propaganda on me created by the 1959 Cuban revolution, the Castro brothers, and their side kick Ernesto Guevarra, aka CHE. I have never had the chance of clearing my name, till now, the wonderful 21st Century. I wish I would have been all the things they accuse me of, if I were they would have NOT been in power for 50 years. Perhaps, if I would have been like Castro & Che they would have never taken over Cuba, the same with my brothers in arms. My friends & fans do not be fooled by the media and Hollywood with their myths and fiction. My name has been mentioned in many books, magazines and recently I made it to Hollywood, in the Che part 1 movie of this director, Steven Soderbergh, his information is only from the writings of Castro & Che. Did he ever ask my Family for permission to use my name? Does he know how many attorney's, I have in my family? It is ok, I forgive him, he is just one of the many ignorant fools in Hollywood. My family and I are grateful to him, because we will set the record straight! With no political agenda, it will be based on historical facts, which is called, TRUTH. My family and friends are humbled by you being our friends, all we want is to tell our side of the know the COIN has two sides. Thank you... "Cultivo una rosa blanca", Jose Marti

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