Saturday, September 19, 2009

Lt. Cornel Merob Sosa Garcia

Many may be wondering, who is this guy on facebook and now a blog? It is a valid question. The FB page and blog are to bring awareness. Created to honor our mother's last wishes, in regards to her beloved, Cuba, and what she experienced with our Father. As the youngest daughter of Merob; I, as many in my generation of cuban exile's, have gone through this Journey and the discovery of who we are, the knowing of the country, in which, we were born, B.C. (before Castro) The discovery of this child and of his grand children, is what started them questioning, why do they write such lies and certain accusations that distort the truth. Bottomline, lies of not only Merob, yet of others. This truly upset our mother and she always wanted to finish the memories my dad started;however, after his death in 1975, in NJ, it was hard for her. Than here comes the internet, what an awesome tool, we all love it, well here is google and now our dad has made it to google. Of course the source is, the communist propaganda of Cuba, and their Granma newspaper. Well, it is up to their children and I encourage all the children to Stand Up and clarify the story. No one has truly ever rebuttal the Castros & Che writings, well, my friends, the time has come. Yes, many authors have written stories;nevertheless, we need to tap into mainstream media. The American and International community! This is way, I decided to create a FB page and blog for my Dad and all the Dads that fought against communism. Many of them never had due process, many spent endless years of their youth as political prisoners, and many were able to leave the country, prior to Cuba being turned over to Fidel Castro in 1959, due to Presidential orders. My friends, I am working on the biggest project of my life. A film project that will include the story of every Cuban, in one way or another. Yes, for those wondering, it has been copywrited. I have made great contacts with wonderful individuals that will be involved in this project. I have wonderful friends that some how or another have been or are involved in film and have encouraged me to move forward. Feel free to contact me directly, if you have anything you feel you like to contribute.
In our Unity of purpose,

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