Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Cubans United in ONE common Dream!

Cuba Libre!!! A Free Cuba!!!
The Cubans on the Island and many in the Exile community are pregnant with one dream, to see a truly free Cuba. For fifty years (50), we have been on this plight of freedom; we have four (4) generations in the mix. The first those parents and grandparents forced to leave their Country! Many, who wore the veil of blindness started to see the truth of the Castro regime and the so called revolution. By now, you get the point and if by chance you do not, I like you to tell me what has been the benefits of the Castro regime, what value did it bring to the people of Cuba? And why since 1959, they seek to be exiles in search of liberty, freedom and prosperity? Prior to the 1959 revolution, very few Cuban exiles, no one was risking their lives and their children’s, by getting on any type of raft to get them 90 Miles, in search of their rights, freedom, liberty and serenity.

It is obvious that the revolution is a failure and Castro and his cronies are out dated!

It is obvious that all four (4) generations are longing to see their country Free from tyranny and the ideologies of any type of communist system. It is obvious to all that Castro is not a leader to follow in anyway shape or form, for he has never lead by example. Unless you consider leading by example, to murder, steal and destroy your nation and violate the rights of its people. I can go on; however, I will spare you the details and or truth!
It is up to all Cubans, the historical, the balseros, the elderly, the in between and the youth to raise our voice, as many are doing on the Island and those in exile by bringing awareness of our plight to freedom and our truth.

The government of the United States cannot have a dialogue with an illegal government; in this case, Castro’s Cuba. They will have to get the exile community all those jailed on the Island, regardless of a jail cell or not for the whole island are prisoner' of the revolution. In my opinion, the Castro’s and their thugs have NO say in the present and or future of Cuba. It has to be a New Day for all the people of Cuba on the island and in exile. A new day! The sun rise brings them the rays of freedom. The oceans breeze waves liberty. The rain cleans the decay of this beautiful island. The gift from the creator is your Inalienable right and the people of Cuba must claim this right.

Our journey has been long, yet we will navigate together and anchor ourselves on truth, justice and the pursuit of creating the Greatest, Cuba, that any generation has experienced. Either we learn from the mistakes of the past and the big mistake of giving control to one person or we have not learned the lesson.

In our unity of purpose!

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