Monday, June 20, 2011

Am Back!!!

It has been awhile, I have not updated or made any comments on my simple blog.  I have been very busy doing the Capitalist thing, working hard/smart, making money, helping people, working on my film project and yes...Playing GOLF!

I do read all the blogs from Cuba those that I consider to be like minded and those that I consider to be the Castro regime's puppets.

Here we are June 20, 2011, the same status quo continues in Cuba!

Let me break it to you gentle, my dear Cuban friends within the island and outside the island whereever, God destin for you to be.

I think many should go back to basics and read the definition in websters dictionary of what the word..Action, Change, Liberty/Freedom and Democracy means.

Perhaps, it is easier said than done, I do understand, I can be inside my very peaceful home, in the United States of America, writing this, having all the comforts that freedom brings and that my parents decided for me to have.

The key word being decided!

Yes, one must make decisions either you are with God or you are with the "so called Devil".

With all due respect to all Cubanos, yes, a decision must be made on what side you are on.

Again, here we are and all we continue to hear are the same of the same, NO solutions to the problems that need to be address on CUBA!

Perhaps the time has come to be a little more action oriented, bring solutions to the table and be hard core against the Castro regime.  Oh yeah, this goes for many Cubanos and also for President Obama's administration that has NO clue on the Cuban issue.  This is NOT a party statement, this is a Reality statement!

I am tired of this false cultural inter-change, I am tired of a certain few in Castro's Cuba who can travel, yet the average person can NOT travel, I am tired of Americans who are totally ignorant on the Cuban issue or perhaps pretend to be.  Go ahead invest your hard earned dollars under the Castro dictatorship, so that I can laugh at you when you lose it all.  Due to your greed and or your true ignorance!

Here is a simple question, If you have cancer would you like the Surgeon to get to the Root and destroy the cells or do you prefer to have a band aid placed on your cancer cell?

This is what Fidel and Raul Castro are a Cancer Cell that the ONLY solution is to pull and kill the root cause of the problem and than we can talk about Solutions in a democractic and non-terrorist way.

I marvel at the way people throw around the words...action, change, liberty/freedom and democracy.  The key factor to obtain this is to make an executive decision based on freedom, prosperity and justice for all.... and not politics!

May your days be Blessed with love, peace and true democracy and freedom!

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