Sunday, October 24, 2010


Have you ever asked yourself?       Why, the heck is this happening?

When people, things, place show up in our life, it must be the work of God the Universe or whatever you like to call it.

If you would’ve told me, I’d be meeting and establishing a friendship with the Son, who the father......
 was one of Fidel Castro’s right hand-men, I would have laughed at you.

Well, for the past month or so, I have had the pleasure of having deep conversations with .....
Juan Juan Alemeida, his lovely wife Consuelo and his lovely daughter Indira.
Yes, Indira is the Grand- daughter of Juan Alemeida and Juan Juan is his Son.

For those who do not know the story, I encourage you to visit
and purchase the DVD, and it will shed light on this simple piece, on my blog.

A month ago Juan Juan, Consuelo and Indira invited me to be their guest at the release of a new documentary, The Grandchildren of the Cuban Revolution, directed by Carlos Montaner Jr.

Thank you for a wonderful evening!

The Grandchildren of the Cuban Revolution is sponsored by a dynamic not-for profit organization,
 Roots of Hope / Raices De Esperanza.

Who I am a member and support.

By now you may be saying, Ok Gina, what is the big deal of you and this Juan Juan being friends?

Well, that story will be coming soon as well, here is a preview.

Juan Alemeida (Father) fought along with Fidel Castro against the government of Batista and
 the Armed Forces of Cuba.

My Father, Merob Sosa Garcia, fought against Fidel Castro under the government of Batista and for the Armed Forces of Cuba.

While in the United States during the years 1960 to 1962, he felt and told President John F. Kennedy and the CIA do not negotiate with Juan Alemeida the Bay of Pigs invasion.
We all know what happened there, again just a preview.........

In lieu of whom our Fathers were it would be difficult to establish a friendship!

Yet, fate, destiny the origin of the Cuban situation has lead us to meet and bridge the gap, perhaps to bring hope to a new generation, who understands, and is wise enough to see that the Cuban revolution.....
did and has done NOTHING for Cuba or its people since 1959 to date.

Juan and I cannot deny who we are, who our Fathers were.

However, we can talk, place the cards on the table, and move forward to stand United!
To be a beacon of light, change and freedom for what is the dream of many…..”A Free Cuba” !
without Castro and his pathetic greedy ideologies, which has taken Cuba backward in time and stuck and going nowhere!

If this is what it takes, to once and for all and in the name of “LIBERTY” come together for a cause that is Greater than all of us than so be it!

If you want to make a positive impact on Cuba, I encourage you, again, to visit and support
Roots of Hope / Raices De Esperanza at

Their three basic principles: love, friendship and hope.

May God Bless America and Cuba!!!!

Gina I. Sosa

Daughter of Lt. Colonel Merob Sosa-Garcia

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