Friday, November 20, 2009

Living in Gratitude!

A simple celebration! An American tradition, no matter what part of the world you are from? Happy Thanksgiving! In the spirit of giving thanks, I felt gratitude for so many wonderful truths being realized this month of Thanksgiving, on an issue near and dear, Mi Tierra, CUBA!

Thank you President Obama!
For taking the time in your very busy schedule to respond to the 7 questions sent to you, by a very brave young Cuban woman, Yoani Sanchez, please view links:         English        Spanish

I stand and support Yoani! Nevertheless, a few think she needed to ask stronger questions; I agree; however, I focus on her strength and courage to bring out the Truth of what happens in Castro’s Cuba.
Great job, Yoani!!!!

In Miami we have the very best female journalist, Maria Elvira Salazar and her Spanish show with a wealth of information for anyone wanting to understand, the Cuban issues, Latin America and other topics that have a direct impact to the U.S.A. This week an amazing real life guest, that opened up corporations for Fidel & Raul Castro, the man that told Forbes magazine the net worth of Fidel Castro. This guy had to look at himself in the mirror, and had to face his own truth, and the truth of the worthless, corrupt and deceiving government of Fidel & Raul Castro. Check it out at
There are so many wonderful informative Spanish personalities on television and radio that everyday and maybe even all there lives have tried to make so many understand through their shows, the truth of Castro’s Cuba. To all of you, THANK YOU!
We also have many famous and non famous singers-songwriters that through their music express their feelings. A few are in the U.S. and many are in Cuba. Those in the U.S. have freedom of expression; however, those in Cuba, do not; such was, the case with Gorki Aguila Carrasco, jailed, and God knows what else, just because his songs were not what Castro wanted to hear or even worse for the people of Cuba to hear. THANK YOU!
I am also grateful for the Cuban-Americans in Capitol Hill, our congressmen and women from both political parties, for on the issue of Cuba they are one. Yet, today I have to give a special THANK YOU, to a high ranking Republican Ileana Ros-Lehtinen of Florida, for her opening statement to the house Foreign Affairs Committee on the issue of US policy toward Cuba.
Thank you for reading and connecting with us crazy passionate Cubanos!!!

I am grateful for your friendship I guess we have to give thanks to the various social media’s that allow us to connect, no matter where we are in the World. To raise awareness and truth of the plight of people inside Cuba, this is nothing new they have been doing it for 50 years; technology is what will bring down Goliath.

THANK YOU LADY LIBERTY!!!!    Happy Thanksgiving & God Bless America

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