Friday, November 6, 2009

Cuban blogger Yoani Sanchez DETAINED by Castros gustapo...

I get on my facebook and twitter account and receive the message that this young woman along with other Cuban bloggers were detained by Castro's Secret Police. 

I am certain that Castro and his army of hatred, his secret police and all those that surround him are not to thrilled at the press and prizes that Yoani Sanchez has been awared.

Yoani along with other bloggers and all those that opposse the dictator are anchored on truth!  For the Castro dynasty, an inconvenient truth.  The mask that the regime has worn for 50 years is being removed! 

These bloggers along with others have their lives on the line simple for expressing the truth of what is going on in Cuba.  This is not the first time, Yoani and others are picked up, perhaps even beaten, threaten and God knows what else.  The system is one of intimitation and manipulation;nevertheless, these bloggers, and so many others resist and continue their Dream to one day, not live in slavery, the slavery of  Castro's illegal government. 

I have faith that their dreams are no longer on deaf ears and clouded by Castros style of intimatation and false hood.   I know that a new day for Cuba is near.  I know that it is time for the Castros to pack their bags along with their family and get the heck out of Cuba, is slowly approaching. 

The Cuban bloggers are bringing awareness to the Truth of Cuba!   And we stand with them, until the disapperance of  the Castro holocaust!  

The Cuban bloggers and others are exteremly humble and very Brave!!!!

If God before you, who against you... We Salute You.

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