Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Behind the Release, Behind the Re-Appearance

Great!   Cuban Political Prisoners have been released and have arrived in Spain.

Yet, why is it, they, cannot stay in Cuba?

Why, is it that to be released they must leave Cuba?

The release of these prisoners, the sudden re-appearance of the dinosaur, Fidel Castro talking about the end of the World and how Iran should run their country.

Give me a break!  Castro has done NOTHING for Cuba, the only thing he has done is destroy Cuba and the Cuban people.

Fidel, it is Not the End of the World!   It is the END OF YOUR WORLD, as you know it.

The end of your pathetic revolution.   The end of the Castro dynasty!

The only one that needs to leave Cuba is Castro!

Not the political prisoners.

I think the Cuban people have had enough of your bull.

Yes, I agree with you Fidel…The End of your World has arrived!


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