Tuesday, June 1, 2010

The Double Standards of the Castro Regime & The Puppets,,,,,

Why, can the singer Silvio Rodriguez have a Concert in New York?

Yet the Castro regime would NOT allow Yoani Sanchez travel to New York to  receive her well deserved award!

Silvio Rodriguez and his concert promotor Hugo Cancio talk about lifting the Embargo, What Embargo?

He talks about evolution, I think he copied that from Andy Garcia's movie The Lost City.

Here is a reality check for Silvio and Hugo, There is NO EMBARGO!!!  THE ONLY EMBARGO IS THE ONE CASTRO HAS ON THE PEOPLE OF CUBA!

This so called "cultural exchange" is a one way exchange that only benefits the Castro regime. Silvio, you want to Tango?  It takes Two!   Let's dance..... Let's get to the real and true reason behind this cultural exchange.

Your boy's the Castro brothers and their pathetic and worthless revolution is OVER and YOU know it.  Yes, let us evolve into a Cuba with NO Double Standards, with No status quo and with NO CASTRO!

Let's dance the revolution out of Cuba, let the dance of evolution, liberty, freedom, democracy take you by the hand and lead You.

Please tell your pathetic terrorists dictators, that we are ready to dance, the dance must have an exchange without conditions and preferably without them. 

Enjoy the Empire State, who your terrorist dictator Castro envy's so much. 

Silvio Rodriguez and Hugo Cancio, can you tell us, how this concert will benefit the people of Cuba?

Can you tell me, if I can go to the Country that I was born without permission or a Visa as if I was born somewhere else.  Can you tell me when Yoani Sanchez and many others can travel outside of their Country? Like YOU do?

You know what we call people like you in New York...Brown Nose, Ass Kisser, have no guts to stand up to the status quo.   I pray that your pathetic dictator the Castros either leave Cuba or Die once and for all.

See you on TOP of the Empire!

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