Thursday, May 6, 2010

Home of the Eagles!!!

Career Day at Mae M Walters Elementary School in Hialeah, Florida.  Rated an A School!!!

Throughout my career I have spoken at the corporate, business and adult level.  When I received an invitation to speak at Mae M Walters, I was humbled for the audience was made up of 5th, 4th and 3rd graders.

Children born in the USA from immigrant families from Cuba, Colombia, Venezuela,etc...

I could only accept! 

Eagles for sure are these KIDS and their Teachers!  You can feel the energy of excellence in this school.

The day was designed to expose children to different careers, which keep our community thriving.

If I could make just one difference in their life, it was to let them know, they can Make it Happen!

I was there for them to have fun, make note of the importance of education, and working together with their teachers, to be able to compete in a Global economy. 

Drive home the importance of writing on paper their dreams and for them to dream "BIG"!

Must do all this at their grade level and take note of their diversified background and culture.

It was an amazing interactive presentation, hope they learned something from me, for I sure always learn something from children.  

The kids at Mae M Walters can be anything they want to be!  For the foundation has been set for them to make it happen.

I left with the feeling that a future President will be coming from this school, perhaps the first of Latino background.

The feeling that many of them will be giving back not only to the United States, yet to their parents and or grandparents homeland.  It is something you feel in their questions and dreams.

An amazing day with the present and future on the horizon.  

Home of the Eagles is a Beacon of Light in Hialeah.

And they WILL Make it Happen!

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