Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Where do we draw the line?

Our truth shall be told and the truth will set us free!!!

This is my respond on all the talk about this so called Cuban Cultural Exchange.

The Cubans or whomever in Miami who openly supports the tyrant that is 90 miles away and has always longed to destroy the USA, whom Castro calls the Yankees! And I do not mean the baseball team.

Here are 2 what if examples, with respect to my Jewish and African American friends:

If the band promoter for the Nazi movement were in Miami, Fort Lauderdale or anywhere promoting a concert, I am certain this would not go over well with the Jewish community, for the murders of innocent people, murdered for having a different faith and opinion. For my Jewish friends anything related to their madman, Hitler would not go over well.

Another example, the African American community who would never allow a slave owners band to just come in and NOT show respect to their community.

Yes, here we go the Cuban exile community has shown openness, tolerance, respect and have embraced those that someway or another support and promote the Castro dictatorship. Who by the way are full of killings without due process, a dictatorship that continues to murder, jail and beat up on anyone on the island that thinks, feels or has a different opinion.

While the people of Cuba do not have simple resources such as drinking water, toilet paper, and cannot eat the same food the Castro dynasty and his agents have everyday.

Castro’s agenda, keep the exile community divided by generation. Blame it on the embargo, I like to know, what embargo? Keep them fighting, try not to make it political.

I do not know about YOU, I will NOT allow these jerks to continue to insult my intelligence, to continue to blame the historical exiles and the embargo for Castro’s own failure due to his madness and hate of his own people. Give me a break!

The Cuban exiles showed these Castro double agents (puppets), what living in liberty and democracy is all about. A few Cubans went to hear Los Van Van and another group protested outside and exercised one of their civil rights. By the way, something that is NOT allowed to be done in Cuba, if you do, the Castro police, will beat you, jail you or kill you. BIG Difference!

Here is my take, the Castro dynasty is over and out, they know it, they are holding on to their power by trying to continue with their old tactics. They do not have the courage to step down from power and leave Cuba. They can only relay on their agents (puppets) whom in my view are no different than the cruel madman.

I think for all people and nations there is a point where the line has to be drawn.

In the United States we live in democracy and it is the only reason, why certain Castro agents (puppets) are attacking the Cuban community.

With their same political blame game on the historical exiles, the embargo and the USA.

Wake up PEOPLE!!! smell the café, the only one to blame is your disgusting dictator Fidel and Raul Castro and all those who have followed their lead for years, these are the ones that You have allowed to stripe you of your God given freedom.

STOP the attacks on the historical exiles, let me make myself very clear, when you attack them, YOU attack all of us. You attack all those that left seeking to live in freedom, a better life for themselves and their loved ones for we are all Cuban exiles. Regardless, of when and how you got to Miami or wherever, you left for a very BIG reason.

For those Cubans who continue to talk non-sense about the country that has helped them, the USA, if it is so bad here, why the heck did you decide to leave Cuba? Go back to Castro since he has been so wonderful to you.

The bottom-line you and Castro LOVE THE ALMIGHTY DOLLAR!!!

The Cuba issue is not an economic issue it is a political issue.

In closing, stop saying that art and music is separate from politics, NOTHING is separate from anything, everything is inter-connected.

“For the Lord is a God of justice, blessed are all those who wait for him” Isaiah 30:18

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