Thursday, March 4, 2010


You’re a Bridge which touched many Cuban exile hearts.

Zapata was on hunger strike for 85 days, it started during human rights week 12/1/2010.

Many are indifferent, to the plight of Cuban political prisoners and the exile community.

Zapata is one of the many who stood his ground against the inhuman actions of the Castro brothers and others.

The Exile community and different exile groups in Miami, New York, Spain and Italy honored you and your family on Saturday 2/27/2010 and Sunday 2/28/2010.

On Saturday the day started beyond politics at the Cuban National Shrine in Coconut Grove, Florida. La Ermita de la Caridad, in honor of our patron Saint.

The Circle of prayer with the pictures of all those murdered by the terrorist Fidel and Raul Castro, sorry no other name for them. I refuse to be politically correct with those that have no respect for human rights. I call it what it is. I am not here for right or wrong, I am here to bring awareness of the crimes committed for over 50 years by Castro.

From La Ermita we headed to Presido Politico by the Cuban Memorial Walk on Calle Ocho,( 8th Street).
My First time visiting the Presido, I was in shock to see how many pictures of all those who died for freedom and human rights in our homeland, Cuba.

A wooden coffin with Orlando Zapata's picture!

A young violinist, and packed memorial service with Cubans of all ages.

Cubans United together holding the vision of a Free Cuba and comforting Zapata’s mother who was on the phone listening to the service.

The emotion of love, hurt, passion and peace could be felt from the youth to the elders.

In fact from Cubans from 1959 to present moment, the feeling was Oneness with one another and with the people of Cuba.

When the service was over, a down pour of rain, we had to wait, once the down pour settled, we stopped at the Freedom of Art gallery.

Where a wonderful connection was made, all in the name of CUBA!

On Sunday, The members of El Presido Politico marched to the Eternal Flame, the Cuban Memorial on Calle Ocho.

We all joined together at the Versailles Restaurant, to participate with the youth organization O-JEC.

We formed a human chain to show the World that the Cuban Exile community or at least a good number of us in Miami; are United on our journey towards a Free Cuba with democracy and without the Castro brothers.

Will you join the Conga line to a free CUBA!!!


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