Sunday, March 14, 2010

The Many Faces of Cuba

Guillermo Farinas as reported by Yoani Sanchez on her twitter feed, he is home from the hospital.
Thank you God!

For many of you it sounds crazy, absurd and why do they do this to themselves?

Simple, for them their bodies are their weapons!

Since in Cuba, under Fidel and Raul Castro and those that are part of their entourage are the only ones with the right to have weapons.

The only delinquency and or crime these man and woman commit is to Think and Feel different, to express their opinion to “El Tirano” Castro.

These man and woman have E_volved in Consciousness, something neither of the Castro’s have done or will ever do.

For the tyrants holding on to their POWER is the only thing they care about.

Blaming everyone, except themselves for what Cuba has become.

Having their agents and or spies in Miami and many other places to continue to promote hatred, division among the Cuban people for this is their Economic Stimulus Package.

My solidarity is with the underdogs that face the brutal dictatorial government of a cruel madmen who only wants to destroy the will, dignity, and the hope of these Cuban patriots and the Cuban people.

These man and woman, who are called the criminals and or delinquents, are fighting for Change, Freedom and the Freedom of future generations to live and let live the way God created all human beings to live.

The Castro’s know, although slowly, yet with Certainty, the day is approaching and they will be gone.

The revolution will be gone and the E-volution of a new day will commence and it will be all driven by Consciousness, Light and Love of God through all these man and woman.

On the day where Cuban brothers and sisters will have reconciliation through the one and only POWER
God the Good!

But the meek will inherit the land and enjoy great peace. ~ Psalm 37:11

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