Friday, October 16, 2009

Cuban blogger Yoani Sanchez denied to leave Cuba again....

The Castro regime again denies her the right to leave Cuba to attend the Maria Moors Cabot ceremony held in NY.  This is one of many prizes she has been awared for her writings and courage through her virtual world of blogging, where she is free to express herself.  She has always been denied the right to freely leave Cuba to receive any of the awards!

Of course this action from the Castro regime is not surprising to me, anyone that speaks out against the truth and reality of Cuba, is considered anti-revolutionary.  Yoani, as so many political prisoners, song-writers, poets and independant journalist do not have the Freedom that in this wonderful country, the United States of America we take for granted.  The freedom of expression, the freedom of ideas, the freedom of change, the freedom of telling your leaders that it is time to change a failed system.  The freedom to establish a democracy and hold free elections.  You Cannot do this in the illegal government of Castro!  It is illegal due to the fact that elections have not been held in Cuba since he came into power and took over the country.

How can our own US Congress and the International community go to a country that denies human rights and freedom to their own people.  How can you speak about unconditional tourist travel, when the people of Cuba cannot even travel inside their own country.  Moreover, they cannot even think of traveling outside of the country, unless "the" Castros approve it.  How would you like for the USA to approve your travel inside and or outside your country.  What embargo are you talking about?  For the only embargo is the one Castro has imposed for close to 51 years.

If you want unconditional travel for the tourist to leave their dollars in Cuba, than the people of Cuba, such as Yoani Sanchez and others want the right to have NO restrictions in their travels in and out of Cuba.  In fact, no more of the Cuban governments regulations of those that came to the USA after 1972 or so. Do you know they cannot travel to Cuba with a US passport! do you know they have to go to Washington, DC to the Cuban intersection and take out a Cuban passport, I will not even go into how much dollars go into this.  This is how Castro manipulates, since he knows Cubans are family oriented, he knows they will keep his economic system alive by placing all these restrictions on the exile community. 

Our message is ONE, we want a "Cuba Libre" we want human rights for all cubans those inside the island and the exile community. Our island and the people inside the island are held hostage of MAD MAN and his revolution!  My God we are going on 51 years of this, the time is here and now and the pressure cooker is about to explode!!!  Castro and his army of oppression must think about leaving.

Yoani Sanchez congratulations on another well deserved prize! 

I like to also congratulate, Las Damas en Blanco, (Ladies in White) all politcal prisoners, independant journalist and songwriters for their courage to stand up and make the World aware of your truth and the truth of Cuba!

God Bless all of you & Cuba and God Bless America!!!

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