Friday, November 13, 2009

50 Years later - Former General Francisco Tabernilla

50 years later, Palabras Esperadas, finally a refreshing new book from someone that was in the trench’s with his soldiers. Former General Francisco H. Tabernilla Palermo, who along with his military men, breathed, lived and hurt to see what was happening to Cuba. His friends call him Silito; therefore, this is how I will refer to him. Many stories and or myths have been told by Hollywood, by the Communist propaganda marketing machine of Che & Castro.
By a few exiles, who did NOT fight the so called insurrection of 1952 to 1958.
A few exiles in the Hispanic Miami media have made plenty of dollars, reporting in favor of Castro’s revolution. What will they do once; we eliminate the “Tirano” and his revolution of hatred, oppression and destruction to his own people and country.
50 years, half a century, made up of lies, myths, false accusations, killings with no due process, no freedom of expression for the people of Cuba, I think we must say it is enough! Castro thought he could erase the history of Cuba, he tried by killing, the continued assignation attempts to destroy all those that were counter-revolutionary. I guess in his warped way of thinking, he thought the band of brothers, their families or us esbirro’s, worms, all the labels he has placed for each generation. Did he think we would forget about our homeland? It is time for the exile community to join forces and stand United for the sake of the people of Cuba. Please leave the politics aside, which is what got us into this mess! We have people stuck inside a big prison which is the island of Cuba, with no human or civil rights. It is time to set aside our differences and come together for the sake of the people. It is time to strategies, pray have faith that the end of Castro’s Cuba is here and now! What than? We have to awaken in the people the principles of DEMOCRACY for all, under the Constitution of our Nation.
As for me and my sisters, we are Grateful for former General Silito Tabernilla and many other friends and family. In our memories he saved the life of our father, former Lt. Cornel Merob Sosa Garcia, from the Castro “firing squad”, he protected me and my family members, until I was taken out of Cuba. He continued his friendship while in the USA and continued on their plight, with so many others to bring awareness to Washington and the International communities of the true agenda of Fidel & Raul Castro, Che and their Gestapo. All fallen against deaf ears and clouded by an illusion created by a blood thirsty killer, Che.
Many may not want the other side of the story to be told, you cannot heal a nation, if you do not include all its children. The story began approximately in 1952 to 1958, BCE (before the Castro error), the story continues to the present moment. Hopefully, we will have healing and closure through love of country and one simple ingredient; we are all brothers and sisters of an Island in the middle of the Ocean.

To the rebirth of a Cuba Libre !!!!
In encourage you to read the book, go to Silitos website, and stay tune for the film, a film that will belong to our Nation and each one of us. We will set the record straight!

God Bless,

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